In the Project Runway episode “You Can Totally Wear That Again,” designers were forced to contend with some truly horrible bridesmaid dresses. The challenge was to take the original dresses, use most of their fabric, and transform it into something actually cute and wearable.

For those who spend too much time looking through J-Crew catalog’s (guilty) you may have found one of the “before” dresses pretty similar. While I could be wrong that this dress was the same brand, it looks exactly like a bridesmaid dress that J-Crew offers.

On the runway, the bridesmaid noted, “I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m wearing a vertical bow on my chest!” to the laughter of everyone. Because seriously, this is not a well-designed dress. I have no idea why J-Crew has kept it around, or why anyone is purchasing it. Although, as we know, brides like to make their bridesmaids look pretty awful, for some unspeakable, unknowable reason.

The dress on is listed as the “Silk taffeta bow monde dress” and is on sale in select colors for just $99 (down from $250.)

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