Who wins Project Runway All Stars? We think we have it narrowed down to the top three.

In using knowledge of past seasons and winners, plus the attitudes of the judges, the talent level still left, etc – it’s not hard to guess who the top three of Project Runway All Stars will be.

With Kara Janx now finally (and predictably) eliminated, it’s only a matter of time until Jerell Scott (who remains only for the drama factor) is also axed. That’s easy. So who’s left? We have Mila Hermanvoski who has a very stern, strict aesthetic and very little personality. While she’s good, she sometimes has total missteps (like her recent hooker wear for Broadway.)

This leaves Kenley Collins. She’s good, but not great. It’s surprising that Rami Kashou is already gone, because he might have stood a chance at edging out someone in the final three. But, he’s gone. So we must forage on!

There’s two really talented, major artists left here that both seem like they could win: Austin Scarlett or Mondo Guerra. They’re both talented, they both have strong aesthetics, and they are both beloved for their personalities. (Extra bonus!) People will root for them.

The third finalist will likely be Michael Costello. While he seems to lack the soul of an artist (and integrity – cheater!) he does seem to get results.

Our final three picks are: Austin Scarlett, Mondo Guerra and Michael Costello. Hopefully Guerra or Scarlett take the win.

Who do you hope wins Project Runway All Stars? (And is it different than who you think WILL win?)