Project Runway All Stars was all new last night on Lifetime, and the race was tight for who would win.

The gelato inspired challenge came down to three top designs by Mila Hermanovski, Michael Costello, and Mondo Guerra. Mila’s design of sheer panels of red and white was dismissed first, because the layering of colors didn’t always work. Still, she made it to the top three, over Austin Scarlett and his Madagascar Vanilla confection.

The judges (which included supermodel Miranda Kerr and Diane Von Furstenberg) were undecided between the dress by Costello and the one by Guerra.

The judges praised Mondo for really getting inspiration from his cantaloupe topic, and for creating something that was literal, and wouldn’t seem to work until you saw how he’d put it together (isn’t that the mark of a great designer?) The women all said it was stylish.

Isaac Mizrahi said there was too much fabric and that it wasn’t sexy.

When it came to Costello’s draped dress (inspired by Grapefruit) none of the judges liked his fabric choice. Georgina Chapman also noted that the color was wrong, and far too nude and not refreshing enough. Mizrahi noted that it seemed like he’d seen it before and it was too on the nose of something else. Kerr said it reminded her of a goddess dress, but she was worried about breastfeeding without a bra in that dress (as she would be wearing the winning design – someone suggested doublestick tape.)

A Miranda Kerr segue: She just gave birth? She’s so thin! Although she did seem uncomfortable in the chair, stretching her legs out for the length of the judging. And while doublestick tape is something people use in fashion, when you’ve got tender breasts you’re breastfeeding with is sticking some tape on them really what you want to do?

Guerra’s dress seemed like fashion, Costello’s dress seemed pretty… but without the statement necklace it was just like a silk robe.

It seemed like all of the women preferred Mondo’s kimono (or caftan) design, but somehow Costello ended up winning. What do you guys think?

Who should have been the winner of that challenge?