Can Project Runway use the phrase “make it work” when Tim Gunn isn’t there? Discuss that and other things, inside!

Aside from not liking who won or who was eliminated, I have plenty to say about Project Runway All Stars last night. I’ll start out on a positive note, which is that I’m so glad Lifetime trimmed the episodes back down to a 42 minute length. It’s refreshing. Another refreshing tidbit was having another Project Runway first. Well, the idea of a PR first is kind of silly because there are a million “firsts” they can do, and most are not game changers. But asking the designers to make a garment in six hours? That is!

The reason I liked this six hour challenge is because we got to see our All Stars in a bit of a different environment. The garments probably weren’t as good as they usually could make them, but we got to see some internal drama. It was a smart move.

April Johnston’s blue dress wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad. It was passable in my book. Jerel Scott did some exotic type dress that I didn’t like, possibly because I just don’t like him. Grouped in here is also Anthony Williams green tea outfit, which was nice but not outstanding. (I did think it read “green tea” very well, though.)

Rami did a lime green and black polka dotted kiwi look that I thought was hideous. Kara Janx did something that not even a pregnant woman would want to wear, as it could flatter no one.

Kenley Collins did a very “twee” dress that I suspect even Zooey Deschanel might find too cutsey.

project runway all stars

I really loved what Austin Scarlett did with his vanilla dress, and was surprised that Mila won a top 3 spot over him.

Michael Costello, Mondo Guerra and Mila Hermanovski fought it out for the winning look. In the end, sexy over style won, and Costello took home the bragging rights.

I’m not sure why the designers are keeping Kara around, she’s sweet but she’s not up the talent of the rest of the people. I wish I didn’t dislike Michael Costello so much, as it’s clear he’s a good designer. I do hope that the win for All Stars goes to Mondo Guerra or Austin Scarlett, however. They’re talented designers who are also nice people.

Top 3: Costello, Guerra, Hermanovski

Bottom 3: Johnston, Janx, Williams