If you’ve seen the latest Project Runway All Stars, then you know Mondo Guerra is letting his bratty side show. It’s not pretty. Although his clothes might be.

We have three final contestants and they each get six looks to prove themselves. But who will take home the big All Stars prize?

First up we have Austin Scarlett. When I talked to Isaac Mizrahi about him and the “Austin Starlet” situation it didn’t seem so bad. But when we saw that Austin likes to go to the L’oreal makeup room to look pretty for work days, Mondo used the nickname in the worst possible way. And I have to ask, if you love fashion how can you think it’s bad and overly self-indulgent if you want to make yourself look as pretty as the stuff you make?! So, I support Austin’s love of luxury, and the fact he finally shaved his face. Sure he’s a little much, but he’s fun and he represents the ultimate fairytale princess world for us all. It does seem like Mondo is leading a charge against him, so he’s often left last for everything. (Like with the song situation.) Austin isn’t going to fight you, guys! He’s nice. And well, even when I don’t like his personality I still love his fashions. I think he’s a fan favorite and it would be a dream come true for so many if he took home the prize. And he does FASHION with a capital F. But so does…

Michael Costello! I haven’t liked him at all until this episode. He seems less pompous, and he’s not giving in to trashing Austin when he easily could. That says a lot. To me, he seems like the least likely to win. He does good stuff but it is so predictable of everything he does. Plus, the theme of Safari has been done to death. He’s not as much of a fan favorite as Austin or Mondo. He’s the dark horse. And I find myself rooting for him, for once. The one I usually root for is …

Mondo Guerra. Ugh. What is going on with him? I understand his mood is bad, but does he have to be so rude and bratty? I like some of the items I see, and it’s definitely a bit more casual and speaks to an entire different fanbase than Austin or Michaels. I used to always want Mondo to win. I like a lot of what he does. But suddenly I feel myself putting him in last place (in my head.)

Who will win? I want Austin Scarlett to win. I think Michael Costello will win. NOW YOU. Who do you want to win and who do you think will win?

See the Project Runway finale on Lifetime next Thursday.

Does Mondo win? Does Michael win? Does Austin win? Who wins Project Runway All Stars? Spoilers welcome!