Even with a bad attitude, we prefer Kenley Collins over Michael Costello. Four quickly became three on Project Runway All Stars last night.

Here is what we thought of the designers in this episode of Project Runway All Stars.

Austin Scarlett – He’s ambitious but he makes beauty. His coat idea was great, but the fabric choice and color was all wrong.

Michael Costello – He designs only for models. You could never wear a bra with his outfits. For real women, that’s an issue. Most women wear bras. If you took a poll, we’re pretty sure you’d find that to be true! He should have been eliminated. Without the necklace and that pattern, this caftan dress would have failed. We don’t know his point of view. What he designs is always very expected.

Kenley Collins – She’s so damn stubborn it’s downright rude at times. She’s not particularly inventive (neither is Costello.) But her look was so sweet and cute, if only she’d not used that pattern with that design! She’s also got a great idea of how to execute an entire head-to-toe look.  When it comes down to her and Costello, we wish he’d gotten the boot. (Eliminated)

Mondo Guerra – He’s incredibly insecure at times. He works with patterns and color in a way no one else does. This dress was almost perfect. (Winner)

Guest judge Nanette Leopore assessment – She’s reserved, and business-savvy.

Project Runway All Stars Review – Lifetime