The judges were smart to eliminate Sweet Pea (Sorry, P!), but how could they overlook Mondo Guerra‘s icy white nod to the 60’s for his opera dress challenge offering?

Mentoring Rules

Tim Gunn is a perfect mentor in so many ways. I’m less sure about Joanna Coles. She asks such leading questions, and she also tried to start some drama between the contestants last night. That’s something Gunn has never done, and would likely refuse to do if he was asked. My theory? They’ve asked him to do that, but he says even if it’d be fun for the show, it’d be cruel to the contestants. They’re trying to craft couture, Coles, don’t make them rile everyone else up just for our entertainment. I actually care that they don’t all have mental breakdowns, you know?

Mrs. Weinstein

I secretly love Georgina Chapman, even though I feel like I should hide that fact. She’s very prim and posh and put together, almost in a snobby way. I think she’s beautiful and has good taste. I just hope she’s not secretly like Olivia Palermo.

I Own Red, B#*ches!

Michael Costello annoys the hell out of me, which is unfortunate becuase he’s got talent. And though many will defend him, can you really defend his hissyfit about not wanting April to do a red dress. He changed to black. He wasn’t the only one who did a black dress. Does he think he owns colors? Does he really think April’s taste is so like his that if they both did red dresses that they’d look the same?

Knee-Jerk Reactions

Mila is annoying and bossy (though talented.) Kara is not long for this competition. Austin must not know how bad his mustache looks.

Let’s rundown the dressses! I don’t mean we should run them down with a truck, although a few might have been improved that way…

Kenley Collins – A long pink dress with a pink and black polka dotted bow of organza on the front. Very cute, girly, retro – and “her.” I did think the bow could have been smaller to seem less silly. Or bigger, to seem even more couture.

Gordana – The back of this long lavender number was interesting, as was the front. It wasn’t a bad dress, although I think without the styling of the model to be like a flapper, I would have received the dress less enthusiastically.

Rami – What happened, Rams?! The sketches he had were good. And he’s so good. And, ugh. But everything about this was wrong. It reminded me of an 80’s Barbie dress. The top 1/3 was good, but the rest… no. He had a good idea but it didn’t work. At least not in that magenta color.

Mila – It was a fancy, nice take on a LBD.

Sweet Pea – Why is she in this competition? This was a daytime, spring dress. It was ugly as hell, and she liked it. I hated everything about it, even the floral fabric the judges thought was okay.

Mondo – ELEGANT! This was a 60’s creamy/ivory dress with a metallic sheen. It was so, so good. It’s what January Jones as Betty Draper wants to wear on Mad Men.

Jerell – Still have no clue who this guy is, and I really have no itch to find out. This was an ugly maternity dress. And he’s trying to be sassy and memorable in his camera interviews, but he comes across shrill and bitchy.

Kara – The fabric was wrong for a long dress. I did come around on this dress, though. IF she had removed the bow, or made it suuuuper long it would have been fashion-forward by being minimal or extravagently romantic. And she could have then paired with long white gloves or something. Sheer, elbow length ones? There must have been a way to save that dress.

Anthony – Love him, love him, love him. The dress is super modern and not something I’d love for my hypothetical moviestar self, but I loved this white dress.

Austin – I’ve gotta admit I was a lil bit disappointed he didn’t try to do one of his signature ball gowns. But this golden sheath was still killer. A+ work.

April – While I appreciate her ideas, I’m not sure if she knows exactly what she’s doing. The idea of a Corpse Bride kind of dress with some ombre and maybe distressing and burning of the fabric is cool, but the result she had on the runway didn’t translate well. Tim Burton has people who do all of this so well, she needs to step up her game.

Michael – It was good, but he doesn’t seem to care about designing for anyone but models with no bodies. This reminded me of Alexander McQueen. And it’s not good when so many of your looks actually look like other designs. Inspiration is one thing, copying is another.

My top 3: Mondo Guerra, Mila Hermanovski, Anthony Williams
The actual top 3: Anthony Williams, Austin Scarlett, Michael Costello

My bottom 3: Sweet P, Jerell, Rami
The actual bottom 3: April, Sweet P, Kara Janx