Bright colors with a literal interpretation from an inspirational picture proved to be the downfall for one designer. Sadly, it was one of our most vibrant and entertaining contestants.

Ivy Higa and her tiny black boy shorts skated by this time. Photo Credit: Lifetime

Rookie blogger Tavi Gevinson was one of the guest judges for this episode of Project Runway All Stars. Aside from knowing that she’s a self-proclaimed “drop crotch apologist” I was incredibly impressed by her. I bet she was a little sad she didn’t have Michael Kors next to her to be snark competition.

Nina Garcia, Heidi Klum and the Kors all know that the real allure of Project Runway … the, thing that truly brings us back each week, is the previews where we hear their crazy explanations of what they’re seeing on the runway. Of course you’ll tune in to see what Kors would call a “straight jacket for a Caribbean themed stewardess”, you know?

But anyway – I really think Gevinson gave more competent feedback than most guest judges ever do. See, guest judges usually carry a cachet even if they’re useless, but it’s nice when they actually contribute. Gevinson would be a welcome addition as a regular judge on either Project Runway installments. Of course, she’s still in high school and has some online empire so she’s probably fairly busy already.

Is it possible some might have a problem listening to style advice from such a young girl? Sure. But the fashion industry is not known for being traditional, and when they heard the stuff coming out of her mouth they’d have to agree that she was too informative to simply ignore.

I want to hear about your thoughts on Tavi Gevinson as a permanent Project Runway judge – so leave them in the comments. Now we’ll talk about the bottom three and top three from this weeks runway show.

The Bottom Three:

Joshua’s look read as a Rainbow Brite costume. And even he didn’t love his look. Tavi Gevinson’s “Military geisha” comment was appropriate. And who wants to look like a “military geisha” when there’s a whole untapped market in “Lifeguard Necromancer”?

Althea created a drab dropped crotch trouser and jacket. She can do better than that. Who knows why she picked these colors. But at least the intent in her design was interesting. The jacket would have worked with a different color and/or fabric choice.

Andrae made a dress with modular panels and zippers. His personality is charming. Once you heard “Footlocker” about the look it was hard to see anything else. Oh Gollum, why?

The Top Three:

Laura “I’m not designing for the farmers of American” Kathleen continued to be an annoying person who bragged about her wealth (“no one gets my pain of having a great childhood, wah” basically) and how she wears long gowns everywhere, but her dress was actually pretty in its simplicity. She also created her own print.

Anthony Ryan made a modern dress that veered on the right side of being too sexy. It was a bit boxy in design, though. The back sheer panel was also too low.

Emilio conjured up a fantastical light-as-a-feather, modern dress. It was fun and playful, perfectly evoking the emotion of his inspiration picture.

The winner: Anthony Ryan
The loser: Andrae

Do you think Anthony Ryan Auld deserved the win? Was Ivy Higa full of crap when she told Joanna Coles all about transformation and butterflies? Has Emilio Sosa never actually seen Sophie’s Choice?