Forget what the judges decided, do you think Michael Costello copy Jerell Scott on Project Runway All Stars?

All Star Whiner: Michael Costello

Last night on PR All Stars, it appeared that after Jerell Scott had begun his Winter Coat look, his direct competitor decided to make a very similar coat. Even mentor Joanna Coles got in the action to bring it to everyone’s attention.

In the end, the judges put Jerell Scott’s look above Michael’s and he even won the entire challenge. This was partly because they felt they could really feel Jerell’s aesthetic in the look. They also said it looked like it could be sold at Anthropologie. (Although they didn’t seem to be major fans of that store, which is crazy.)

Costello once threw a hissy fit because April Johnston was using the same color as him (red, such a rare color!) yet when he copies someone he gets all up in arms. Is that fair?

Costello was cited as being good at execution, but not at design. He doesn’t have a personality that shows in his clothes, and this may be because everything he makes looks like something he’s copying from another designer. This was also brought up on this season by the judges, who have felt they’ve already seen things that he presents. “Too on the nose” was the phrase employed.

We want to know your answers to these three questions:

  1. Do you think Michael copied Jerell?
  2. Do you think it’s okay to copy a look and then do it your way, or is that cheating?
  3. Whose look did you like better, Michael’s or Jerell’s?