We might be familiar with the 13 designers that will be on Project Runway All Stars, but the mentor, host and judges are new to the series.

Model Angela Lindvall is taking over hosting duties usually regulated to Heidi Klum. There’s Joanna Coles (Marie Claire editor-in-chief) taking over Tim Gunn’s spot as mentor. And designers Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman will be sitting in Michael Kors and Nina Garcia’s seats.

Project Runway guest judges include Miranda Kerr, Pharrell Williams and Miss Piggy.

Why is Tim Gunn not on Project Runway All Stars? Why no Heidi Klum? Some have suggested that they didn’t want the All Stars toe benefit from former relationships they had formed with the judges. Project Runway may have also wanted to breathe some new life into the tenth season of the show. But the real, solid reason that Gunn, Klum, Kors and Garcia aren’t part of All Stars is because Project Runway season 9 was already filming at the same time as All Stars began filming.

Gunn, Klum, Kors and Garcia will all very likely return for Project Runway season 12. Of course, if there was ever going to be a graceful period for one of them to request or be asked to leave – now would be the time.

Who would you have liked to see in the hosting seat besides (or instead of) Angela Lindvall? Is there another designer you wish was a judge?