When reality competition shows decide to do an all-star season, there are positives and negatives. The positives being that we don’t have to go through the whole “figuring out the personalities phase” of reality shows and we already have built in favorites. The negative is because we all have built in favorites and everyone is good (they are all-stars, after all) it’s that much harder to say goodbye to the first to go.

First auf’d (is it still auf’d without Heidi?) this season was Elisa Jimenez (originally on Season 4). While it may not be the best way to remember her, she is probably most recognizable as the contestant that used spit marks on her clothes.

On the phone this morning Elisa discussed how getting on the show this season was something she was really looking forward to. It came at what she called “a very pivotal time in my career… I was looking to make a shift.” She meditated on it (as you may recall, Elisa is a very spiritual person) and that very same day in rolls the All-Star offer! She felt it was meant to be.

As for coming back to the show, she had one important mission – not to be so timid and to be a voice for the industry. She knew that this was reality TV, and there are characters every contestant needs to play, but this time around she wanted to be more open, honest and vocal. I’m just sad she didn’t get more of a chance.

But what I can say for Elisa, she may be one of the most positive people I’ve had the chance to have on the phone. She was thankfully for getting all the critiques – good and bad – especially from Isaac Mizrahi, a designer she admires greatly. And she plans on using those short-shorts in her spring line! Though, I assume made of fabric, not dollar store items…

Sad to see her go, but so glad she seems to have gotten a lot out of her one All-Stars challenge!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae