Feeling foodie? The Project Runway All Stars have proved they know how to make the unconventional work for them. But is it a shame they didn’t have to use food items?

The dear Austin Scarlett is competing this time around, and in 2004, he was the winner of the first Project Runway Challenge, titled “Innovation.” For this challenge, only $50.00 was given to competitors who had to buy materials from a supermarket. Scarlett won with a dress made of corn husks. It was the first unconventional challenge for the runway. They were given $100.00 to take into a dollar store and create a dress that related to another one of their looks.

But what would happen if he was faced with the same sort of challenge again? Would you be up for another challenge about dresses made from food? We probably won’t get the chance for another unconventional challenge in this cycle, but we dare to dream!

Below we have images of vegetable dresses, chocolate dresses and all sorts of unique dresses for you to peruse. Think about if any of these could be created by the Project Runway All Stars, in the time they get.

Dresses Made from Food

Vegetable Dress
By Sarah Illenberger.
Source: Sarah Illenberger

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Ripe Dress, Spring 2008
Made from seed pods, wire, juju fruit candy, acrylic paint
Source: Digital Deities

Dresses made from Chocolate
Lindor Dress by Lindka Cierach
Source: RedHotBrides

Spring Onion Dress
By Sung Yeon Ju
Source: Lemon Drop

Weird Dresses: Chocolate Dress.
Created by Lambertz. The German model is Alena Gerber. Love chocolate? Love dresses? Then you’ll love chocolate dresses for women.
Source: Zimbio

Vegetable Dress
By Sung Yeon Ju
Source: Trend Land

Bread Dress.
Creator: Photographer Ted Sabarese with designer Ami Goodheart of SOTU Productions
Source: Delish