Below you will find a complete Project Runway All Stars Cast List along with a mention of where everyone is from, their season, where they placed, and for a bit of fun – a codeword to remember them by.

Project Runway All Stars Cast List

• Kenley Collins (Brooklyn, NY) – Season Five, Second Runner-up. Codename: Cat Crazy
• Michael Costello (Palm Springs, CA) – Season Eight, Fourth Place. Codename: Cheater
• Gordana Gehlhausen (San Diego, CA) – Season Six, Fourth Place. Codename: GG Who?
• Mondo Guerra (Denver, CO) – Season Eight, Runner-up. Codename: Skull Candy
• Mila Hermanovski (Los Angeles, CA) – Season Seven, Second Runner-up: Codename: Louise Brooks

• Kara Janx (New York, NY) – Season Two, Fourth Place. Codename: Spanx
• Elisa Jimenez (New York, NY) – Season Four, 10th Place. Codename: Uh?
• April Johnston (Savannah, GA) – Season Eight, Fifth Place. Codename: Icy
• Rami Kashou (Los Angeles, CA) – Season Four, Runner-up. Codename: Grecian God
• Austin Scarlett (New York, NY) – Season One, Fourth Place. Codename: Mr. Perfect
• Jerell Scott (New York, NY) – Season Five, Fourth Place. codename: Nope
• Sweet P/Kathleen Vaughn (Pasadena, CA) – Season Four, Fifth Place. Codename: Rockabilly
• Anthony Williams (Atlanta, GA) – Season Seven, Fifth Place. Codename: Comeback Kid

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