On Project Runway All Stars it came down to two low scoring designs, those of April Johnston and Kara Janx. But did attitude make all the different?

project runway all stars

For the gelato challenge, Johnston had Blueberry as her flavor, and Janx had Chocolate with Cayenne. Time wasn’t on their side, as the designers only had six hours to whip together a design worthy of the PR Allstars runway. Both of these women failed in their task. But only one had to be eliminated.

April Johnston presented a corseted-topped dress with a bit of a Halloween vibe. She layered two purples over each other to get the blueberry color she wanted. But, because of a lack of fabric, the back of her dress was too short. It’s also worth noting that her original dress design had to be cut when she wasn’t able to find any black jersey material at mini Mood. (A dress design that was actually pretty neat.)

Kara Janx seemed to want to avoid the color chocolate brown, and focused on taste. For her dress she layered colors of white, brown and red. The dress looked like maternity wear, and wasn’t flattering from any angle. The most exciting thing about her look was the red shoes she pulled from the Neiman Marcus wall, and the model’s sleek ponytail.

When asked to explain their designs, Janx was very passionate and upbeat. Johnson, as usual, was like a 90’s grunge girl who had mastered apathy long ago. And this seemed to sway the judges, perhaps unconsciously. While it seemed like Janx’s dress was easily the worst, it was Johnston who was eliminated. During judging, the judges mentioned how they liked hearing Janx’s enthusiasm. It caused them to root for her, even though they wondered if she had the “all star” factor.

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