With only six talent designers left, which of them would miss the mark on flapper flair?

First, let’s review the final dresses and what our designers did this week:

Team Emilio Sosa

He always does a great job, but his print seemed wrong.

“Do you think this is a young print? Cause this could be a print on your Grandma’s sofa, couldn’t it?” – Joanna Coles to Emilio Sosa

I did not adore his print up close, but from a far it was much better. This design was ladylike but should have been a little shorter. The shape and length was a little more 30’s for me. And it was definitely a tad boring if you want to be very critical. I did like it, but we have to be hard here!

Team Anthony Ryan Auld

Who hopes he wins? I do! And damn, that was an amazing dress! It was so, so sublime. It looked like a very fun dress to wear and I’d love to own a feather caplet. It was kicky.

ivy higa

Team Ivy Higa

She looks so cute and not at all intimidating, but I was surprised when she harshly graded Anthony’s design a five. She’s a little fire cracker, you know?

I felt bad she left Casanova after the last elimination, but at the same time maybe it was a little unfair for those two to have such a built-in support system. And you know they both were thinking that if either of them one, they’d benefit.

I want to take a totally selfish moment to say how much I like Ivy’s hair styles. Leaving my hair loose often annoys me, so I always look for new ways to contain it with ponytails, buns or braids.

I didn’t like the feathers at the bottom of her dress, but I otherwise did like it very much. Maybe having more feathers would have helped.

laura kathleen

Team Laura Kathleen

I thought i’d hate the jumper but I actually really loved it. Damn. (I don’t like Laura Kathleen as a person that much.) I think this was styled really well from the long necklace and the updo. This was very modern and fresh while still looking vintage. I do think this made the model look larger than she was, which is something no one ever wants. And that’s something that happens with jumpers, but especially this design.

I was surprised she was eliminated, although not sad about it.

uli herzner

Team Uli Herzner

Best dress ever! Oh man, this was wonderful. Even the bangles she used was perfect. My only thing is that I would have put the model’s hair back and up. I would wear this in a moment. I think it’s a perfect interpretation of being 20’s-inspired without looking like a costume.

She didn’t get the win, but I would have given it to her.

Team Joshua McKinley

His dress was inspired but I didn’t love the color choices competently. I did love the lime green moment at the back, but I felt like there was too much purple in the front. The shape was very simple and a modern flapper cut. I do think it was maybe too safe, somehow. I think he was so close to having a great look, but somehow missed a bit.

Project Runway All Stars judging:

The official top three: Emilio Sosa, Anthony Ryan Auld, Uli Herzner

My top three picks if we didn’t have to do it in the fashion face-off way: Anthony Ryan Auld, Ivy Higa, Uli Herzner

Carolyn Murphy was styled in such a great look for the runway.Her long gold dress… it was divine.

As guest judges we had actress Gretchen Mol and designer Jenny Packham. I don’t watch Boardwalk Empire to be too familiar with Mol, but I do know Packham’s designs quite well and adore them. (She dresses Kate Middleton sometimes! Can you even?)

Photo: My Lifetime

There was a problem in having to pick a top and bottom in the matched-up pairs. I don’t think Emilio Sosa’s should have been in the top three, although I did like his more than Josh’s. See the problem? It wasn’t fair.

The judges liked Joshua’s look more than Laura’s, and I disagree with that. Based on my aesthetics, I probably would have eliminated Joshua. However, based on an overall portfolio, I would have eliminated Laura  Kathleen or Ivy.

Official top pick: Anthony Ryan Auld

My top pick: Uli Herzner

Official eliminated pick: Laura Kathleen. It came down to Ivy and Laura Kathleen.

My elimination pick: Joshua McKinley

I am curious to hear what you think about Laura Kathleen being eliminated. Ultimately we’re happy about it, yes?