Sound the drums (with a stylish chant), because Project Runway 2011 is here! While some may never get the appeal of the show, us die-hard fans know that every season is another season worth watching.

The most difficult thing with reality shows like Project Runway is when talent is not aligned with an indicator of talent. That’s how you end up with someone like Gretchen from last season. She was a great designer, but her personality pretty much ensured she was widely hated. You have to go into a show deciding to root for people based on their talent and their personality, hoping you’ll find some people who can walk a line between both worlds.

I enjoyed the “Road to the Runway” show, with witty talking head moments from Tim Gunn. But I wish they had made it clear the everyone we saw was cast on the show, I kept waiting to see some crazies and then to have a final rundown of who was cut and who was in! Based on some imperfect science of personality, personal style, and design work, the people I was initially drawn to were as follows: Bert Kettner (he does glamorous work!), Fallene Wells (I either loved or hated her different pieces, no middle ground), Julie Tierny (gypsy couture!), David Chum (he of the amazing coats), Kimberly Goldson (I’m a sucker for bows) and Anya Ayoung-Chee (her carefree, breezy aesthetic is something I wish I had in my life.) These were my initial impressions before Project Runway season 9 episode 1, and I’d love to hear yours.

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