Are you ready for the Project Runway 2011 carnivale of horrors? This is a recap of the third episode’s final designs.

Anthony Ryan and Laura came up with this gorgeous design. There was no way it couldn’t win. The low point is that it does look so similar to things we’ve seen before (specifically a dress Britney Spears wears in one of her newer music videos.) I love that they covered the legs with pants but still made it look like a dress. The fabric choice was perfect.

project runway 2011

Anya Ayoung and Oliver were a dream team that came close to perfection. The silhouette was beautiful. The top is the part I’m not so wild about. But they both have terrific taste, and the fabrics went together well like a beautiful watercolor. I was surprised this wasn’t in the top 3.

As I’m not a huge fan of Becky or Kimberly, it’s no surprise that I wasn’t a huge fan of their married design concept. This was in the top 3, and I don’t think it was all that great. They stood out for doing pants, but I believe it’s because neither of them were creative enough to think that a dress or skirt was an option (after seeing their models come in, all in pants.) It’s too much of a costume. I’d never wear this if it were in a normal size.

project runway 2011

What’s funny is that on the screen during the show, I kind of liked this. But in the pictures, ugh. I think the concept for this dress was kind of fun and had so much potential to be glamorous and awesome. But the nail in the coffin was the gold lace at the neckline. Gross. Viktor isn’t a great designer, and Bert is. But Bert is a jerk.

For a jazzercise outfit, see Bryce and Fallene. I think the top might have been cute, but this outfit still would have been stupid.

I really want to say I like this piece by Danielle and Cecilla. I think it’s good. But I don’t like it. The pants are well made, but I’d never wear pants like that. The top is almost cute, but I’d probably never wear it. Together, I think it’s awful.

project runway 2011

Joshua is fabulous, Julie is great. Together they made THIS. That’s unfortunate. What bothers me the most is how high-waisted the pants are. And then I started wondering if it would have been funny for someone to try use a long tunic and  make leggings or jeggings for this challenge. But seriously, these two should have stopped to realize they were creating a costume. It’s sad for them.

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