Another tricky team challenge gave way to tons of “you are the WORST designer alive” kinds of drama!

Christopher Palu trench coat, Gunnar Deatherage dresses and Sonjia Williams jacket. (Photo: Lifetime)

For as much as the contestants on Project Runway loathe team challenges, we (the viewers) love seeing the added stress bring out the best, and (more often) the worst in our designers.

This week, we had three teams of three working on two looks. One of the garments had to be outerwear, and they also had to raise their own money for fabric by making T-shirts.

And let’s pause to talk about that. I’ve had to decorate a plain white T-shirt before. It’s not always going to look great, depending on what materials you have. But if you’re artistically minded,  you can usually come up with something pretty interesting. But 2/3 teams hardly tried to do anything. Elena, Dmitry and Alicia sprayed paint on the T-shirts in a truly horrible way. (Sure, making T-shirts is below you, but show off what you can do! I mean, have you never seen what cool things they’ll pull off on P.S. I Made This? Ugh!)

Even if your T-shirts look awful, you can still market yourself well. It’s all about attitude. No, really.  You can give the hard sell! So, what did Elena do? She promptly admitted to all people that their T-shirts were “crap.” Look, I kind of understand where she was coming from in the sense that she wasn’t proud of these shirts. But, seriously? You’re trying to make money!

If you think I’m done with my notes on this “challenge” – I’m not. The contestants were allowed to explain that they were doing this as part of Project Runway season 10. I’m sorry, but that’s a cheat. Of course people will donate if it’s for the show.  The real fun would have been in seeing them trying to sell T-shirts without the show’s name behind them. As it was, all of the teams earned plenty of money!

As for the teams:

Elena, Dmitry, Alicia: Elena was a bossy and dramatic jerkface. Dmitry tried to make things work, in Tim Gunn fashion, and Alicia was as infuriatingly impassive as always. (Alicia was eliminated.)

Gunnar, Chris, Sonjia: The two boys actually played nice. Although, Gunnar was talking about Sonjia behind her back and mocked her little (ultimately winning item) “Zelda” jacket. (Winning team. Sonjia won.)

Melissa, Ven, Fabio: Ven’s aesthetic got shoved away, but he’s such a jerk that how can you feel bad for him?

The ultimate WTF moment: It was when Alicia Hardesty had to vote who on her team would lose… and she said it should be Dmitry over Elena because she respected the latter as a designer more. Really? Dmitry had been nice to Hardesty while Elena had done anything but. In terms of design, Dmitry and Elena are even pretty similar. So why would Alicia say that?!

Best lines: Christopher calling Elena and Dmitry “Boris and Natasha” was great. So was Elena mocking Christopher’s amazing trench: “Christopher’s robe thing, it looks like a snuggie. An ugly-ass snuggie. With a belt, no seaming. Oh God, It’s just one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen in my life.” But the ultimate quote was by Dmitry when he said about Elena, “To kill the witch, we need a silver bullet and a wooden stick.” Dmitry is awesome.

I was happy for Sonjia, although I would have been happy if either Chris or Gunnar had won. Well, if Chris had won. (Chris is trying to be nice to Gunnar, and I do not approve because…ugh.)

I could tell Alicia was a weak, boring designer from week 1, and I am glad she’s out of the mix. I forsee Fabio leaving next. Then the competition will really feel more legit.

I really hope that either Melissa Fleis, Christopher Palu, Dmitry Sholokhov or Sonjia Williams win. Elena Slivnyak and Ven Budhu are such jerks, so I automatically eliminate them from my mind. Gunnar Deatherage is also kind of a brat. Who do you really hope makes it to the finals?

Next week, Mondo Guerra is back with pattern play! Mondo knows patterns. He knows patterns better than anyone. (Don’t let Diane Von Furstenberg read that.)

“Project Runway” airs at 8 p.m. Thursdays on Lifetime.

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