What do you get when you merge Mean Girls and Gossip Girl? You get Private. Not only is it a best-selling novel by Kate Brian, but it’s been transformed into a web series from the producer’s of Gossip Girl.

A thrilling mystery based on the New York Times best-selling novels by Kate Brian. Reed Brennan can’t believe her good luck when she’s accepted to exclusive Easton Academy. Life on campus is an endless parade of cute boys, parties, and special privileges, but nothing at Easton is quite what it seems. With a dangerous romance, shocking discoveries and dark secrets ahead of her, Reed will be lucky if she survives her first semester.

I was able to view every episode of the Private web series via a screener copy. Now, I’m out of their teenage demographic, but I’m still a female who enjoys chick flicks. I was lured in by the promises of secret societies, stayed for the guilty pleasure experience, and was only slightly put off by the record number of times people in this web series say “Billings Girl(s).” (If you’re of age, I say you make a drinking game out of that.)

On a side note, the school in Gossip Girl is called Constance Billard – and I could easily have believed they were at the same school. There’s mini Blair Waldorf’s around every corner. It’s terrifying. And that’s even without the murders.

It’s a generally well-cast web series. The lead actress (Kelsey Sanders – who played the “Ann Margaret Type” in the Mad Men episode called “The Arrangements”) that plays Reed looks like someone merged Amy Adams and Kristen Stewart together in a blender. (Not saying it’s a bad thing, I just wanted to note that.) Much love goes out to actresses Samantha Cope and Natalie Floyd.

You might enjoy the Private web series if you like Pretty Little Liars, Greek, Lifetime movies or Gossip Girl. The ending actually did surprise me. However, I suspect (as the case often is) that the books are better.

Private the web series is available on iTunes, Amazon VOD and DVD. There are 20 mini episodes (4-6 minutes each.) You can learn more at the official website for Private.

Private trailer: