Just who is illegally downloading and illegally streaming TV shows these days? A lot of people. And, in fact, people have been doing this, in different methods, since the 80’s. Even Princess Diana.


I have to admit I don’t know much about soap operas. But the cockles of my heart warmed to hear what a big fan of Princess Diana was of General Hospital. And those cockles (whatever they are) are warmed even more to see that Princess Di scored episodes via bootlegged copies.

Actor Anthony Geary (of Luke and Laura fame) stopped by The View today to talk about the 50th anniversary for General Hospital. During his interview, he said that the wedding of Luke and Laura happened in the same month that Princess Diana and Prince Charles wed in 1981.

When Diana had been to the states, she’d fallen in love with the soap, and had been receiving bootleg copies of the episodes back home.

She sent two bottles of Bollinger champagne and a nice note for both Gary and Genie Francis.

What this shows is that not only was Princess Diana a fan of a soap opera, but she would have totally said it was okay for us to illegally stream episodes of Doctor Who when they air in the UK early. No? Fine, I’ll keep waiting. And I’m sure that Princess Diana would never encourage you to stream shows illegally, especially since you can buy most everything on iTunes.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to know that Princess Diana was at the mercy of her TV addiction, just like the rest of us.

General Hospital airs at 2 pm EST on ABC