What happens when you mix a cocktail out of two very popular summer shows?

It was a regular episode of The Bachelorette on Tuesday night over on ABC Family during the Pretty Little Liars episode “Surface Tension.” And Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) was our lucky (or unlucky…) bachelorette of the evening. In one corner, Jason Dilaurentis, rebellious older brother to her deceased friend. In the other corner, the play-by-most-rules professor Ezra Fitz.

At a dinner party at Aria’s house, both Ezra (her secret boyfriend and father’s colleague) and Jason were guests. But when younger brother Mike breaks the party up by landing in jail, only Aria, Ezra and Jason remained. And Aria, gracious houseguest that she is, attended to each in separate rooms. And with each guy, she had a special connection. And each believed he was the one with the only special connection to her. But at the end of the night, neither of them got a rose. Instead, they were kicked out! How do you like them apples? Well, if it’s the apple of temptation you’re talking about we’d say that Aria’s quite a fan.

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