Just how long did you think those Pretty Little Liars could stay away? They have way more lying to do, and lots more pretty to share.

pretty little liarsMore Pretty Little Liars begins Monday, January 3rd. A marathon leads into a brand new pretty episode at 8/7 c.

In the second half of season 1, the girls have to bond together more than ever, as there are constant threats to them all. Get ready for Pretty Little Liars season 1 episode 12. And who makes another appearance, that isn’t in a flashback? Why, it couldn’t be…Alison? Visiting Hanna? What, what, what? This is happening, guys.

Why you must watch Pretty Little Liars

  • As far as guilty pleasure TV shows go, this is one of our favorites.
  • It strays from the books, so there is a true mystery.
  • The cast has four strong female leads with four diverse character types.
  • The series is not afraid to hype up the drama and give the audience what it wants.
  • Dreaded “here are the adults” scenes aren’t so boring.
  • There’s something about Lucy Hale that we just like.
  • It lets Piper Halliwell (actress Holly Marie Combs) be back on TV.
  • Your actual town/city is no where as interesting. And if it were, you’d want to move.

Pretty Little Liars airs on ABC Family. Be sure no one watches you keeping tabs on our top secret Pretty Little Liars news. Shh!