The creepiest moment of Pretty Little Liars “The Perfect Storm” was not the obvious one you’d expect us to name. Oh no, we’re working with subtext, instead.

The Montgomery’s: They may look like the perfect family. But we know better.

While we’re willing to admit that Emily being alone in the dark with someone stalking in the library was a chilling scenario (and why is someone always picking and targeting poor Emily?), it wasn’t our pick for the creepiest scene in “The Perfect Storm.”

No. That would have to fall to the scene in a storeage room between Mr. Fitz (Ian Harding)and Mrs. Montgomery (Holly Marie Combs.) In this scene, Mr. Fitz is conflicted with feelings of caring for Aria and wanting to be with her – something Aria’s mother certainly doesn’t know.

She approaches him, believing he might be able to shed some light on how Aria’s doing in school while also now being the child of parents who have separated. What Aria’s Mom doesn’t realize is that as she speaks of her underage daughter, and how she’s stubborn and sensitive underneath it all – she’s practically giving her teacher love advice on how to court and deal with Aria. The scene was surely written to be a sweet moment, but the subtext was overwhelmingly: THIS IS CREEPY.

Aria is a young high school student (and Lucy Hale being so short doesn’t help us imagine her as older) and Mr. Fitz is about five years older. Considering Aria’s sometimes childish rebuttals, it’s clearly a doomed (and illegal) romance.

We know many of you guys might really like the Aria/Ezra pairing, but does anyone out there find it wrong?

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