It’s time to be introduced to a special day at Rosewood High, the “Truth-Up Day. ” It’s might be hard for Pretty Little Liars to fess up to secrets, but they’re more interested in what secrets they can get from their fellow class-mates. Think they’ll close-in on Jenna?

The Pretty Little Liars “The Naked Truth” Summary / Synopsis

Rosewood High’s “Truth-Up Day,” is not just an opportunity for the students of the school to air their grievances and stop bullying, but also a chance for Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer to get answers to some burning questions.

Spencer looks to find answers on what is going on between Jason and her father when Jason shows up as a chaperone; Aria continues to question Holden on what exactly he is up to during their “date nights,” and Hanna tries to figure out the latest situation with Kate. But will the girls be ready for what they find out when shocking truths are revealed? Meanwhile, Emily gets help from an unlikely source to get back on the Rosewood swim team.

Pretty Little Liars airs tonight on ABC Family, Monday at 8 pm EST. Original air date: February 6 2012. Photos by ABC FAMILY/ERIC MCCANDLESS.