Aria’s electric blue leather skirt is apparently an indicator of an upcoming Fall fashion trend. Let’s discuss what Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily wore in Pretty Little Liars “The Lady Killer”! This, my pretties, is your latest Pretty Little Liars fashion recap for PLL Season 3.

Aria Montgomery via Lucy Hale

aria montgomery style

I’ve never, personally, felt the urge to wear a shiny, electric blue pleated mini skirt. But that’s just me. I know that some people are hyping colored faux leather as a trend, but I … I dunno. For purses, yes. For skirts? Meh. Still, you can’t argue that it wasn’t an Aria move to wear it. And the more I look at it and imagine twirling in it, the more I kind of dig it.

Spencer Hastings via Troian Bellisario

spencer hastings fashion

OMG, Spencer. Are you trying to steal my heart? Cause you ARE with outfits like this! She’s been loving animal silhouettes as patterns, and I have to agree that they are almost always cute. (Much like with Animal Crackers, I am not always sure I am identifying the animal correctly, is all..) The cherry on top? The belt with a structured bow at the back. Spencer is as curious as Alice was in Wonderland, that’s damn sure.

Her hair here is perfectly pinned half-up in a way that reminds me of the American Girl doll Samantha. Don’t you think Spencer would SO be a Samantha?

Later, Spencer wore an outfit that included a really interesting purple/navy top that had this people pattern on it… (Maybe a nod to kimono patterns?) I can’t describe it very well, but she was wearing it in her Toby scenes.

troian bellisario

When Toby and Spencer had sex, her black and white damask sheets were by Sin N Linen. I know because I have that print from them as my shower curtain!

Paige via Lindsey Shaw

pretty little liars season 3

lindsey shaw pretty little liars

For Paige’s horrific night she wore a really sweet gray sweater with stars on it.

Maggie via Larisa Oleynik

I so totally did not realize this was THE Larisa Oleynik in the last episode! PLL does a great job of highlighting some really popular people from the 90’s and bringing them back to us. Now, Maggie is a new character and not one we’re really expected to like all that much. But I think that her clothing says a lot about her – she’s funky and hip, but not girly or prissy. She’s got her act together. But she’s kind of an artistic, sweet soul all the same.

Emily Fields via Shay Mitchell

emily fields fashion

I’m not sure why this picture makes Emily’s hair look quite SO grungey and borderline gray. She’s definitely dyed some caramel ombre effect into it… which is too bad because it looks better when it looks healthy and all one tone. Sigh.

The outfit was interesting for Em, and it felt very organic. It’s exactly the kind of worn stuff she’d find laying around and pull on in simple layers. I mean, for the trial she’s not feeling her best and wants to blend in, so it’s not like you can expect to see her in a neon yellow dress. I also really liked the braid detail in her hair. It looked like something maybe even Paige may have been doing for her, before she ran out the door. See, fashion and hair can tell little stories that aren’t scripted. #FashionNerd

Hanna Marin via Ashley Benson

hanna marin fashion

Hanna here always body-conscious wears power dresses which I guess are similar to power suits in some way. They’re always short and tight. Comfortable? Methinks no. Here is a sundown of stripes mixed with black accents. Hair up and LARGE gold earrings complete this look. Wait, we forgot about the shoes. They look like platform clogs. And they’re brown and black. Now, I hate brown and black together, and I’m not a fan of platform clogs too much. HOWEVER. These work, these really work. I think it’s because there’s so much black in the dress detail, and the brown merges nicely with the Autumnal color palette of the rest of the dress. Getting brown and black to work is a feat, Mandi Line!

hanna marin style