Relationships or rats? What freaks you out more? I’m not quite sure what squicked me out more in the Pretty Little Liars episode “The Bad Seed.” See, there was the obvious Ezra/Aria deal that the show refuses to drop. (He’s too old, and she’s just…is she needy? I’m not sure. But they’re not a great couple. And they’d probably learn they thrive on drama.)

Then there was the whole issue of four rats in cages, each properly labeled, “Aria, Hanna, Emily, Spencer.” I mean. What? That’s creepy beyond what I expect from ABC Family. The trophy the girls turned in earlier with blood turned out to be rat blood. Thus making this even more of a disturbing ending. Especially since the Spencer cage was EMPTY. Does that mean she’s got a hit on her? It does seem like Spencer is being targeted these days.

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