We’ve only just had the Pretty Little Liars season 1 finale air, but we already can sense what predictable storylines lay ahead. That, coupled with knowledge of the PLL books, and we can ease your mind about plenty of things.

Here’s our “Keep Your Friends Close” review/run-down with spoilers as to the outcome of different major events. If you want to know if Hanna is dead, or who A really is – read on.

In “Keep Your Friends Close” the gang was invited to Mona’s birthday party (Glamping – glamorous camping). Hanna was the only one who wanted to go, but then she got dis-invited by the Queen Bee, Mona. Spencer, Emily and Aria had no qualms about missing the event, until A texted them that the party would be a scavenger hunt for his/her identity.

And as you know, A cheated by eliminating the only person who solved the scavenger hunt. But more on that later.

Hanna’s mother feels guilty about not having money for her daughter – or money to pay to keep their house. This is why in the “boring adult storyline” she stole money from an old woman that was greedy with butterscotch’s. Proving herself not to be a very good thief, she drove away from the bank with her purse showing all of the bills and managing to snap at Aria’s dad (who I’m sure will share a kiss with her in season 2.)

Ezra Fitz came back, and him and Aria patched things up in their creepy, illegal relationship. Snooze.

Spencer and Melissa made amends. But Melissa doesn’t yet realize that lil sis has kissed not one, but two of her boyfriends. One of whom is back in town – Ian. The same Ian we saw on the tape with Alison. Ian and Alison were probably messing around, but did he kill her? Probably not, that’s way too obvious.

By the way… who is A in Pretty Little Liars? If they follow the book at all, it’s either Ali’s twin sister, or Ali herself (and her twin sister is the dead one.)

Toby came back, just to say goodbye to Emily. Pretty dumb move. Toby got arrested. I’m sure he blames Emily for telling on him, but I’m also sure she isn’t the one who called the cops. It was either A (spying) or Spencer.

Hanna was spying on Mona’s party, trying to figure out who A was. She saw someone (A, or who she believed was A) and then she got run over by a car. Is Hanna dead? Psh, no. She’s one of the four main leads. But the most predictable course here is that she’ll be in a coma or have some sort of amnesia – leading to the point where she doesn’t remember who she thought A was. If she ever does recall, she probably saw who was writing on Ezra’s car (“I see you”) and it’ll turn out to be one of the girls playing a prank on Aria. Of course, this wouldn’t explain why A would run Hanna over. They should have double-checked that the scavenger hunt would be played with fair rules.