How did these Pretty Little Liars inspired Hieroglyphics come about? There’s a bit of a backstory to sink your teeth into about it all.

This shirt was created as part of a Jane By Design style challenge for ABC Family.

Jane Quimby is rooting me on and providing me with support, while her boss, Gray Chandler (whom I haven’t even talked to directly yet) is giving me a very stern appraisal from a far. I gotta say, I think I can feel chills up my spine. Brrr!

Jane writes: Gray asked me to brief you on your next challenge. Style icons can be an important source of inspiration. Who is your style icon? Is it your mother or a favorite aunt? A celebrity or an athlete? A world leader or rock star?

Find the plain white t-shirt in your trunk. Using items around your house or your office, create a design on the t-shirt inspired by your fashion icon. Then, put the shirt on your dress form and post a photo of it to your blog, along with an entry that talks about how your design was inspired by your fashion icon. Ask your readers to tell you about their style icons here and mention the name of your blog.

To be plainly and openly honest (and not just indecisive!) I have a big whopping handful of different fashion icon’s. (Hey, I draw design from many sources!) My go-to icon ever since I was a sophomore in High School has been Audrey Hepburn and her sophisticated, chic, French/American style (think: capri pants, boatneck tops, ballet flats, plaid sundresses, Givenchy ball gowns.) However, despite having one idea to replicate the Sabrina ballgown (top) on my white shirt, I didn’t feel confident I could pull that off without some black glitter. I really had to work with what I had. So who is another big fashion icon of mine?

Well, I’ve never made it a secret that one of the facets I adore about TV shows is the fashion on them. In fact, I’ve devoted plenty of posts to the hair or fashion of certain TV characters. (Whether it’s an inspired item post, or the exact purse you saw on the character. Pretty Little Liars fashion is a tres popular topic that I write about, matter o’ fact!)

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One of the costume designers that’s absolutely nailing it at the pique of her profession right now is Mandi Line. She’s who makes those Pretty Little Liars look so unique and stylish. I love the eclectic mix of boho romantic styles that Aria wears as much as I love the classic-with-a-high-fashion-twist looks that Spencer darts around Rosewood while wearing. Hanna Marin has got your more girly, princess-y looks covered, and I absolutely get the appeal of Emily Field’s uber casual and comfortable simple basics. (I mean, her hair is probably her best accessory so why not let that take center stage most of the time?)

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Line does a stellar job of defining each characters’ personal style on the show. She’s even hand-tailored different items – like the black lace dress Aria wore to Homecoming. Needless to say, I am incredibly impressed by Line’s work in the costume department for PLL. (She’s not the only costume designer I love, but she’s probably in my top three for right now.) And, naturally, I also love the series.. (Look for my weekly reviews of new Pretty Little Liars episodes when it starts up again this January!)

spencer hastings bedroom pretty little liars

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To celebrate Line’s work with PLL and to support the series without being too literal about being a fan, I developed a hieroglyphics concept. I’ve written out the initials for each of the main PLL actresses on the shirt, as well as a hidden “A.” There’s LH for Lucy Hale, AB for Ashley Benson, TB for Troian Bellisario, and SM for Shay Mitchell. Actually, I also added an SP for Sasha Pieterse. My materials were paint and fabric markers, as well as some red glitter and the white T-shirt.

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Rather than risk cutting into the shirt and having it look raggedy (which, though that can be cool, was not my intended effect for this theme) I gave the illusion of a different shirt style by using paint to make the seams look different. I also accentuated where I’d have more seams running across the top of the shirt for that Baseball style look. The colors I picked focus on a lavender playing against a creamy yellow-orange, and a lot of cheerful red popping against bold blue and a dark green. I accented the characters with little neon green emphasis marks to indicate shadows and dimension. And, while I do wish I had a better paint technique, I think this gives you a good idea of what I wanted to create. It’s a total Pretty Little Liars shirt without being too obvious about it. And I’m not a huge fan of wearing brands/labels. Let me put it this way, I’d rather own a shirt that Aria would wear than a shirt that said “Aria Montgomery” on it.

I also felt like being crafty like this, as inspired by ZBZ sisters Casey (Spencer Grammar)  and Ashleigh (Amber Stevens) on Greek. And I mention this, not just because I miss the show and loved their fashion, but Mandi Line was also a costume designer on that series as well! I actually did not know that until recently, and I had an “oh, duh!” moment. Some other t-shirt designs I had included ZBZ themed stuff, or a replica of Ashleigh’s cloud and rainbow cardigan. (But sewing buttons is hard!)

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P.S. Can you guys spot the hidden A? Looks like A got to my shirt!

I hope you enjoyed this insight into my fashion-obsessed thoughts, and will be encouraged to take more of an interest in Mandi Line. If you can do me a favor I’d love it if you’d strut on over (work those heels, werk, werk!) to the Jane by Design Facebook page and share the name of one of your fashion icons (I know, it’s hard to choose just one!) and tell them that Small Screen Scoop sent you! It’d help me out and it costs you nothing but literally two minutes of your time! And if you comment and let me know what you like about my shirt, that’d mean half the world to me. Most people only comment when they have something nasty to say. It doesn’t do wonders for the ego, I’ll tell you that much.

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