When you know there’s a target on your back (and our gals do) don’t you at least wish you knew who was after you? Here’s my Pretty Little Liars review of the season 3 episode, “She’s Better Now”. (P.S. She’s totally not!)

spencer hastings style

Pretty Little Liars fashion

Mandi Line delivered in this episode by giving Spencer a really great, flowy green skirt. This outfit seemed to be paired with ankle strap flats or low wedge heels… and the entire effect was what I’d like to wear as I strolled around Paris and bought fresh flowers and expensive cheeses. Not that I’ll ever get to do that. But, whatever. Maybe I will. I don’t even know if I want to… The point is, that was a great casual, graceful outfit. And it was also fun to see Aria power clashing different stripes, graphics, and animal prints. Could most of us pull that off? Well, it depends on how brave you are! Even when I know I might not want to wear a certain Aria outfit, often I appreciate the aesthetics of how it looks, anyway. White booties for me? Nah. For her? Oui!

Mona Vanderwaal dresses to impress (Or pass for emotionally stable…)

Everything about Mona’s back-to-school outfit was great. Very prim, proper, girly and “school girl”. It was a bit less glamorous than she usually does. With the sweater, pearl studs, frilly purse and headband… I think it’s nice to show how she’s as deranged as ever, but her fashion reflects that she’s very composed.

aria montgomery style


Enemy No. 1

I’m not sure who the girls hate more right now… Mona, Meredith, or Allison. Did “A” send Meredith to that shed, or was it Mona? Or Jason? Or Lucas? Or Toby? Aahhh!

Did you crack the clue?

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Hanna’s Grandma

One note: She’s amazing! Do you have a Grandma this cool? If so, cherish the heck out of her. And put her on YouTube because maybe she can become a viral video sensation.

Aria’s Dad

Well, he’s been a jerk for a long time. But he’s never been so suspicious or creepy. He’s way too harsh on Aria to be likeable, but is he criminal? Obviously he made deals with Ali that he shouldn’t have made… what other secrets does he have?

Aria Montgomery Fashion Feature

Skirt: Petticoat Alley

T-Shirt: Truly Madly Deeply at Urban Outfitters

Jacket: Sparkle and Fade at Urban Outfitters

Booties: Rachel Roy

Purse: Aldo

Mona Vanderwaal Fashion Feature

Sweater: JCrew

Jeans: Gap 1969

Sneakers: Keds

What would you grade this episode of Pretty Little Liars?

Pretty Little Liars “She’s Better Now” Review | Photo Credit: ABC Family