How much do you love the word “podunk”? Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario)  is expanding all of our vocabularies.


Starting with a Laugh

Yea right, Hanna. No one, not even you, wakes up in a bed that perfectly made! And who sleeps in a black bra? Bras hurt when you wear them too long. But this moment came right before we saw Mrs. Marin in the funniest pose ever, sleeping on the porch with a blanket on her head that made her look like an ewok. It was precious. So I screencapped it.

Brendon and Emily

Do you think Emily was flirting and leading Brendon on, or just being charming? He took the news about her being gay pretty well. And then when he said something about how the parties can get out of control…do you think he was still suggesting they hook up? I don’t know, I couldn’t get a good read on the situation. What is your deal, well-dressed Brendon?

The Panic Room

What do you suppose that secret room was? There wasn’t much in there…a radio, a pink princess phone, a single exposed lightbulb… and a door with scratches on it..the kind that indicate someone was clawing their way to try and get out. But who would have been in there? And how would they know Allison?


Four Wheel Hive

The bee’s in the car reminded me, instantly, of the 90’s classic called Crush. It stars Alicia Silverstone. It’s a terrible movie, but it’s a lot of fun.

When it comes to Ella, I think she’s crazy to want to go on a European trip. And I don’t think it’s crazy that Aria’s little brother wants her to stay. He’s had a tough home life, and who can blame a kid who wants both of their parents in the same state. …That said, we all know why Aria wants her Mom to leave…not just to finally have some fun for herself, but to get out of A’s range of attack.

S’mores with Bores

I felt so bad when Spencer called Cicero a “Podunk” school, because we all already knew Emily seriously wanted to go there.

Is Hanna the Dumbest Ever?

Hm, I think I will look for evidence in a murder, leave it out in the open, and then … oh, you should definitely, definitely carry it around in a giant pink bag that draws everyone’s attention. And then bury it in the open, with no idea what you’re doing. That is the best plan.

Who is Carla Grunwald?


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