Paige (Lindsey Shaw) betrayed Emily in a major way!

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Emily and Paige in an early season 4 episode were much happier. (ABC FAMILY/Adam Rose)

In “She’s Come Undone” we finally saw Paige again. Anyone else basically forget she and Emily (Shay Mitchell) were still dating?

When Emily flashed a load of cash and made up stories about her Grandmother, Paige got really suspicious. When she followed Emily, she saw that she’d lied. Emily was caught mailing off the money to a strange place. Paige thought A was involved. She grabbed the envelope and said she was going to go to the police unless Emily told her the truth. What could she do? She said the truth, that Ali is alive!

Before everything could seem settled, we say that Emily is unhappy with Paige. And, oh boy, Paige has sent an anonymous tip to the police that Alison is alive, and where they can maybe find her!

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