Aria wore two perfect dresses, but Hanna’s choppy hair couldn’t distract us from an unflattering maxi dress. Let’s discuss what Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily wore in Pretty Little Liars “Single Fright Female”! This, my pretties, is your latest Pretty Little Liars fashion recap for PLL Season 3!

aria montgomery fashion

Lucy Hale – Aria Montgomery

Oh Aria, you ticked all the boxes for me in both outfits!

I’m obsessed with floral dresses and cardigans, so if you belt it you’ve basically got the best combination ever. The pattern on this dress was unique, the cardigan wasn’t too matchy, and the cut of the neckline was interesting.

There’s no telling why Aria would feel it was important to change from one cute dress into another when Ezra arrived… but there’s also no telling why Aria trusts E’s brother so much, or why having him third wheel on a birthday dinner felt so normal to them all. “Hi, we just met, come be involved in our dating life!”

We do have to award major points to the choice of peplem black dress and the majorly cool pairing with that geometric square necklace.

With her hair, I just keep going “RACHEL GREEN AKA JENNIFER ANISTON!” Because, it is so close to The Rachel, and you can’t deny that. (Oh, that’s two N’s in her name. Okay then. Why is every Jenifer/Jennifer different!? You never really see a Jessica with just one S, that’s why it’s a good name, it’s easy! Easy like Sunday morning!)

Shay Mitchell – Emily Fields

I’ll never be a fan of neon’s – unless they come in highlighter form. But, I can’t deny that Em’s neon shirt layered over a tank was a great way to make her casual style seem more exciting.

I definitely liked the outfit more when Emily put the moto jacket on. Aaaah. Capris, flats, her stunning hair…. that’s the picture of casual sporty/gypsy style that we know as Emily’s season 3 sense.

emily fields fashion

Emily often likes to expose one shoulder. Thank God she wears tanks under these shirts, because I really hate when people wear those fake sparkly bra straps.

Em rocked the dress (below) for a hot second. Then she was like I’M OUT OF HERE BITCHES! Snap.

vanessa ray

Lindsey Shaw – Paige

lindsey shaw

Girl, no. You say you like to fly under the radar, so you wear suspenders “casually” draped behind you, with a vest? I totally get the instinct to have Paige stand out with her style, but this was too much like a costume. From the waist up, I’m a fan. But the checkered trousers WITH suspenders plus the vest… something had to give.

Ashley Benson – Hanna Marin

pretty little liars

Obviously her Mamma Mia peasant girl skirt wasn’t my favorite piece. Instead, I rather liked the white tank top with a wolf face on it. Please don’t ask me to talk about her hair in this episode. Ugh. (Did Benson get a bad trim, and that’s why they incorporated it into the script about her not washing her hair? It looked like it had been butchered with some blunt razor like that scene with Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character, Helen, in I Know What You Did Last Summer. )

The maxi dress she tried on … I liked on the rack. It looks like something from last year, though. And it didn’t seem to flatter Benson’s figure, and she’s got a great figure. So, weirdly, this dress just didn’t work for me. Sometimes colorblocking fails!

Troian Bellisario – Spencer Hastings

The black lace dress she wore before the Trunk Show was nice, but her other white outfit was kind of a “eh” fashion moment for me.

Spencer’s hair is long and curled via curling iron in such a way that I’d typically suspect hair extensions were involved.But I don’t think that is the case with Troian. Happy claps! (Hair extensions can often look cheap no matter their price, ergo, I kind of snub them.)

.S. PI figured out who Vanessa Ray looks like – Candice Accola of The Vampire Diaries.

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