Let’s discuss what Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily wore in Pretty Little Liars “The Kahn  Game”! This is a Pretty Little Liars Fashion Recap for PLL Season 3!

aria montgomery

Aria Montgomery – Lucy Hale

As she talked about Scooby Doo with Spencer, Aria showed off her funky layering with her piece de resistance being a black crop top with the white image of a skeleton section. You could even see a heart of gold behind it! Next I want to see a white T-shirt with a red heart on her sleeve! I’m not even joking, I kind of dig the way sometimes things are humorously literal, and Aria can certainly pull it off.

For the Kahn party of truth, Aria wore a neon green summer dress. Not everyone can pull off a neon green, but for Aria that’s practically a neutral.

Hanna Marin – Ashley Benson

For her oh-so dramatic and painful moment of seeing Caleb across the high school hall (which had perfect, longing music being played for us viewers), Hanna was fairly…naked! Her short bandage dress was actually very cool, and had large stripes of black, white and a yellow pattern. Too sexy for a “real world” HS, but perfect for Hanna. I always think of bandage dresses as powerful dresses, mostly because of how structured and fearless they are. For this reason, I think the outfit really did help contribute to the vibe of “I’m fine, go away” Hanna gave Caleb. (Even though we know she’s suffering and misses him so much – boys do not get subtlety! Learn that lesson early on, ladies. It’ll save you some of your own pain, effort and heartbreak.)

troian bellisario

Spencer Hastings – Troian Bellisario

Looking like Veronica Lake with her dramatically parted and wavy hair, Spencer was dressed to the nines for a frat-style party at the Kahn’s. Copy the look by pairing a simple patterned skirt with a boatneck top. The sheer white knee socks were… her way of trying to … I don’t know, accessorize. Without showing much skin, Spencer still looked uber sexy. It’s all in the drama of minimal, clean lines with the fashion and hair. She was very polished and Kate Middleton-ish. How have I not made that comparison before?

Emily Fields – Shay Mitchell

Emily disappointed me by going for drab, toned down versions of Christmas colors. Her olive green jean skirt did not pair well with a worn red plaid top. Eeek. It was a sad outfit, which was fitting since Emily had a sad storyline in this episode.

pretty little liars cece

CeCe Drake – Vanessa Ray

A very generous Cece wore a great asymmetrical blue top with sliced agate necklace pendant. Never underestimate the power of how freaking cool agate is! I’m fascinated by it, and it makes for great pendants and sliced rings. You can also look at druzy, which I just so happen to be obsessed with and have been blogging about for a long time over on Ring O Blog. I’m a sucker for great jewelry, this? Is true. I’m also a sucker for monochromatic color schemes.

As always, we shout out to Mandi Line, costume designer extraordinaire!

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