Aria’s (Lucy Hale) best outfit of the night was disarmingly complicated! Let’s explore the Pretty Little Liars fashion in “That Girl is Poison.”

pretty little liars season 3

Aria Montgomery – Lucy Hale

Early in the episode, Aria wore a pink and black studded dress that was definitely playing up a funky angle. Tres chic! What will surprise you is that the dress on its own is just the pink lace part, but designer Mandi Line made it an “Aria Moment” by adding a sparkling belt, and a studded black tank underneath of the dress.

For Jenna’s party, Aria wore a heart-printed blue sleeveless dress and paired it with a chunky silver bib-like necklace. In fact, it might have even been two necklaces. I liked the way different textured were layered for this look. Aria also had a tiny black purse (with fun chain) and very cool rings for this ensemble. One of her chunky silver rings was a long ring that gave big impact.

Emily Fields – Shay Mitchell

While working and sacrificing half her outfit to be hidden under an apron, Emily wore a great black tank top (something floaty about it on the neckline) and a sleek and structural silver pendant necklace.

I really love that we’ve seen Emily carrying around the same bag for several episodes, because she’s totally the type to do that. And the bag in question is also a bit of a statement (for Emily’s subtle sense of style) with the large black and white stripes. It’s her “it” piece this season so far.

Spencer Hastings – Troian Bellisario

I really don’t mind beige and white, so I also didn’t mind that Spencer was floating around in what was predominately these two colors.

When Toby went to visit Spencer in her room (romantic, awww) she wore a thin, sparkly headband that was very sweet, especially that she wore it placed farther back on her head than headbands sometimes are. It was almost like a little halo that illuminated her head.

Hanna Marin – Ashley Benson

Is it nuts that my favorite look for her included her hair down, parted in the middle, and a gray t-shirt?

Jenna – Tammin Sursok

Jenna wore a pink party dress from J-Crew with a tiny, tilted black top head (fascinator?) and at least she managed to have the best hat out of most of the ones there. I wasn’t sure what the theme was for a hot second, then I was like “Mad Tea Party, duh!” So, yea. That was pretty cool. But I did see someone in a cowboy hat, who let that dude into the party?

How do you feel about Pretty Little Liars season 3 so far?

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