Let’s discuss what Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily wore in Pretty Little Liars “Stolen Kisses”!

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Pretty Little Liars Fashion Recap – Season 3

Remember guys, it’s not all about where each exact item came from (there are plenty of blogs that will tell you that),  it’s about learning what style you like and then seeing how you can put it together in new and interesting ways.

Hanna Marin – Ashley Benson

Hanna’s first eclectic look didn’t win me over. I’m not a fan of vests or vest like things. And she wore a bright red vest type thing over a printed strapless top. Then she had this short skirt, and a big accent belt that reminded me a bit of Star Trek.  I was generally not a fan of this fashion moment, but …. as long as we focused on her top half… I could deal. I could really deal, in fact. Why? Her hair all up was nice, but it was the dangling gold earrings with arrow tips that sealed the deal. They were so attractive on her, I almost dare to think they might be attractive on me!

As we moved along, school scenes inevitably had to come. And to learn things, Hanna wore a thick beaded silver choker and black and white patterned tank by Vintage Havana. It was a really cool look and I wanted to see more of it.

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When Hanna was pleading for Mona, she wore a very smart “take me seriously – but never forget that I’m stylish” outfit. It was very Elle Woods of her. There was that great, textured, white blazer, and a purple top with a pussycat bow. With the skinny jeans and nude platform pumps she was the poster IT girl for fashion, and she took everything up a notch by wearing big pearl earrings. And how could you not love Hanna in a moment like that, defending her friend, even though she has every reason not to? I mean, I’d also maybe call it mis-guided, because I don’t trust Mona.. but Hanna is sweet. And that’s a fact!

Aria Montgomery – Lucy Hale

In the first scene, Aria wore a printed black and white Betsey Johnson dress, with a tan belt.  The dress had that thing which has a term but I always forget. Kind of like a wavy shelf around the waist? Almost like a fish fin! PEPLUM, there we go. Anyway, sometimes I worry dresses will overpower Lucy Hale’s short stature, but the print on the dress was screaming “Aria” so who cared!

Aria later wore a black shirt with a golden collar (similar to something Spencer once wore at a dance in PLL Season 2), which was tres cool.

aria montgomery fashion

Finally, we get to her big outfit of the episode. Her classy dress for the art thingy was extremely nice. It was a short, structural white dress with a black belt and small black purse on a chain. Very perfect for the elegant affair! If I ever had an elegant art affair  to go to, I’d want to wear that exact outfit. Even her earrings and hairstyle were all really perfect, with a nod great towards vintage flair. My only comment is that for real life, unlike TV world, you’d probably be nervous about wearing a semi-backless dress when meeting your older boyfriend’s Mother.

If you have a formal coming up, why not try a short white dress? With similar accessories to Aria’s, you’ll have a really distinct look. And a little black coin purse on a chain? Not only are those super fun to carry around, but they never go out of style.

aria montgomery season 3

Spencer Hastings – Troian Bellisario

When Spencer confronted Caleb about needing to crack a password, she wore a really nice outfit. But it wasn’t a huge statement outfit, it was kind of quiet and stayed in the background. Very “I’m here and I’m wonderful but you might not even notice me.”  It involved a white printed blous, mauve jeans, (leggings?) and a great green bag. Oh Dear Lord do I want that bag!

Emily Fields – Shay Mitchell

Emily wore her hair up in a high ponytail, and a sky blue shirt. It was a upbeat outfit for her. I was proud of her for telling the world, “hear me? I’m going to be happy again, maybe… Soon. Soonish!” Little steps, Em!

I was going to write that I hated all vests, but Mandi Line changed my mind when she put Emily in one. See, Emily took a late night visit to the lake (creek, stream?) and was rocking a layered tank and olive green (or gray) hooded vest. And I actually liked it on her. Maybe it helped that it was cropped. It wasn’t too bulky, and was perfect for a slightly creepy walk, all alone, at night, to a creek where someone could push you in.. and, OMG!!!- she is taking too many risks!!! Face it, if I was one of the PLL’s I’d have hired a personal security detail years ago. And if one of my bodyguards was hot, maybe I’d have fallen in love with him… and okay, stopping my fantasy now. At least, I’m not going to type any more of it out here 😉

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