Much like the Pretty Little Liars wardrobe diary on ABC Family, I’m going to focus on one particular lHanna (Ashley Benson) ook from the Pretty Little Liars season 3 episode, “Remains of the A.”

hanna marin style

Hanna Marin – Ashley Benson

For a church party and a date with Toby, Hanna had a few roadblocks when deciding what to wear. I mean, God probably doesn’t love cleavage, and Hanna wouldn’t want to send Toby the wrong message. I think she did very well with this tasteful, pale yellow dress from Zara. (It read as very Lilly Pultizer to me. Anyone else get that?) It was very sweet. I am always hoping to see Hanna in more of her girly gear, so this was a nice turn towards that.

It was so appropriate for her to have a dainty, delicate dress when she had that scene against the scoundrel cop guy who intimidates

her. The fashion here only helped to emphasize that she’s just a young teen girl and he’s this creepy dude who has authority and wields it like a crazy person.

Her Joan & David peachy heels were insanely girly, and I loved them.

Earlier in the episode she was in more of a Palm Beach state of mind, with some tropical(ish) pants and a yellow tank. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I do miss her days of … well, more pinks!

Aria Montgomery – Lucy Hale

I’m more tired than you could realize, and I have to admit that while there was nothing I remember hating, I also can’t quite remember a lot of details. (Which is because there’s always so much going on with her outfits.) I do remember her funky boots, and I liked them. And I’ve really grown to love Lucy Hale’s newest haircut and the way the hair stylist puts those loose curls/beachy waves in her hair. I bet a million girls have already gotten their hair cut the same way.

Emily Fields – Shay Mitchell

There are two fashion moments I want to mention. The first is small. It was a simple cuff, black and white (beading, I think.) It took Emily’s simple outfit and gave it just enough of a push so that it really said “Emily” instead of “any girl.” As always, we thank costume designer Mandi Line for her thoughtful selections.

The second fashion moment that Emily had was for the church party. It was your typical Emily style of being a solid color, but it showed more skin and had some jazzy details with the spaghetti stripes. And, of course, Mitchell’s hair was showcased in a really nice way. It was almost a retro look with this big curls, with half of it kind of pinned back behind her ear.

Spencer Hastings – Troian Bellisario

You guys will forgive me if I don’t go into as much detail as normal, I’m on vacation and very tired as I type this. I really loved everything Spencer wore in this episode, which was very navy-oriented. I love how Spencer is such a specific character, from the way her hair is so polished to the fact that when she needs to break down she screams into a pillow.

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PLL pictures: ABC Family