Our Pretty Little Liars may have just had an episode titled “Kingdom of the Blind” but they definitely had their eyes wide open as they dressed.

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Aria Montgomery Style (Lucy Hale)

Her first outfit was very casual/chic – combining a zebra-inspired black and white striped skirt with a yellow graphic tank. She’s not afraid to mix patterns. Ever. (I am. Always. Eep!)

Later, she wore a white and green patterned, pleated mini skirt that flared out a little and it was uber cute. Every girl needs this skirt, or a skirt like it.

I can’t forget to mention the unusual (but somehow, delightful) pairing of a floral, silky blouse, a statement corset-style belt, and skull-printed mini skirt. I could never pull this ensemble off because I’d feel weird. You need confidence to wear certain looks. And that’s why I firmly believe two people can wear the same dress and it only works for one of them. I’m not sure a lot of people will even respect this eclectic look on Aria, but this is a teen who loves to mix and match! That she does it with aplomb is a major victory for quirky teens everywhere who defend their right to wear tie dyed bras with ballerina skirts. And I say , let them!

shay mitchell

Hanna Marin Style (Ashley Benson)

I am so, so inciredbly conflicted about the first outfit we saw Hanna wearing. It was a floral skirt, shiny red belt, chiffon-like tank/blouse, and then some kind of knit/woven (update: crochet) red beanie hat. I love that she’s taking risks, I do. And I can overlook that the bright blue and tomato red pairing felt a little 70’s for me…because I’ve just got personal color theory stuff going on in my head.

But that hat (even though up close it was a little more sheer than I initially thought) seemed out of season, so I cannot let it pass! It’s like that Lord of the Rings scene… which I hardly remember, where I think someone shouted, “you shall not pass!” And then they probably died, because everyone (or everything) in those movies died except for the monster trees…

Later we saw she had paired this outfit with large white platform sandals and I was warming up to the look as a 70’s homage… but that’s when I saw that her blouse was totally SHEER, and her dark bra underneath was showing. And this happened during a scene where the principal had just seen her because Lucas was in trouble, blah blah.

Here’s the thing… sheer stuff like this is never that great, but especially not on a high school character when she’s in her high school. Schools do not let kids do that! They have that “your skirts and shorts must be longer than your fingers at your side” rule. (I was always paranoid about this, because they were tough at my school!)

To switch into something simple that I loved about Hanna’s look in this episode was when she was styled with two white and rhinestone hoops, a simple drop necklace and her hair mostly down but twisted up on the sides a bit. This was a great balance and a strong look for her. Fashionable, girly, fun! She wore this with some shorts, a Miami-Vice looking peach blazer… it was .. it was okay. It was good for the screen.

The printed white tank with neon color patterns on it was a bold, electric moment for Hanna and it was so perfect for the scene in which Hanna is the only one to go confront Jenna. Hanna don’t stand for no BS, fools! Snap snap.

Emily Fields Style (Shay Mitchell)

Our palette cleanser didn’t really have a lot for me to love on, but nothing was bad. What I respect is the ability not to over accessorize Shay Mitchell. Emily does a lot of solid colors, ruching, and often has bare arms and legs. She’s a total summer girl. It’s great. But now, a story. Ahem: There was a time I was majorly into denim mini skirts. I was probably twelve, but no less fashionable than I am now. My aunt had one opf those skirts, and it became my life’s mission to also have one. I remember it as being one of the first clothing items that I was specific about wanting – nay, needing. But that was the late 80’s. And now I have a bit of an aversion to very short, tight jean mini skirts. I don’t really like Emily in them, I think short jean shorts are better. She wore both in this episode, and the shorts were definitely the winners.

The best thing Emily wore was in the first scene, when she had a loose gray tank (with pocket) that was layered over a tighter black camisole. It was very subtly sexy for her. She’s … I say she’s heading towards a “minimalist grunge” look this season she she pulls away from clean athletic lines.

pretty little liars fashion

Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario)

She was a luscious boho chic creamsicle in that belted, sherbert orange sundress. Heaven. Aaaaah. (The heavens are singing.) This was her stand-out look. She was all long limbs, etheral movement, and determination – all “I must know why you’re defending Garrett, and why Melissa is a bitch!” (She didn’t ask the last part, but she should. Melissa’s a shady beeytch.)

Extra PLL Fashion Notes

Take it from a professional (Mandi Line) big earrings are going to be big this summer. And you know what… I love them! Whether they were Aria’s spikey (Rachel Roy?) ones, or Hanna’s giant hoops… even with shorter hair you can totally rock them. PLL’s Aria and Hanna are making me want to do some beachy tousled waves in my hair.

Both Ella and Jenna wore some cool sheer paneled tops. Really liked those. Never forget how powerful colorblocking can be. Also, layering something sheer over something like a simple white tank can give you a casual-yet-sexy vibe. Emily also did this later in the episode, but I thought there was too much of the sheer red top, multiplied by her hair being down. (Fashion is kind of like math, sometimes. Except you really won’t ever fail fashion.)

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