You can read this Pretty Little Liars “Crazy” review as soon as you promise never to play with a Ouija board! (They’re dangerous, I swear!)

PLL Review Notes:

Hanna doesn’t have to think she’s guilty for the idea of a police officer wanting her blood to freak her out! I mean, it’s vampiric! “I want your blood!” I’d be totally freaked out. I mean, people get paranoid when they are stuck in a line-up because they know they could accidentally get picked. And I’m sure with Rosewood cops, someone’s blood could easily be mixed up and then boom, you’re the one in jail eating the sloppy joe’s! And Hanna probably hates those! (I hate them, everyone hates them!)

Aria is a great support to Ella, which makes me want to hug them both so tight. I loved when Aria’s first questions were: “So who is he, where does he live, and what is the hair situation” Listen, Aria has it right! With older men (and I swear I am not dating anyone over 35 yet!) a lot of them seem go bald (yet are in fierce denial of it) so it’s always nice to know whether they’ve got something up top or not! It can also be a nod towards whether or not they are taking care of themselves and do other things like wear deodorant. (To those who think wearing a little anti-antiperspirant isn’t “a must”, I say you MUST be kidding me!)

Cece Drake… apparently she was the Prom Queen. And she’s moved back to her small town? Yea, there’s trouble here! As far as why Ali and Cece are so alike, it is pretty obvious that Ali idolized Cece and patterned herself after this older girl. I completely expected Cece to spin around, one hand on her hip, and say, “I’m the original!” I’m sure that Cece has all sorts of secrets, but I kind of like her.

Toby loves Spencer, and Spencer loves Toby. But Spencer is Veronica Mars’ing it up, and she has an addictive personality. How else can you explain her serial killer type virtual map! I mean, you just have to own up to the crazy, sometimes.

I thought it was really gripping when Toby reminded his GF that she once had accused him of being the murderer. That’s a “fun” little dynamic to their romance. And no wonder Spencer knows Toby won’t approve of her sleuthing. Though Spencer has the best intentions ever, she’s likely only going to stumble and ruin someone’s life on accident.

Girls. GIRLS. (Hanna and Aria.) You find proof that a crazy person broke into your house, and you don’t leave right away? COME ON.

Maya’s cousin wants to date Emily? That’s so wrong!

Spencer went out on a major limb for Jason. But she didn’t even do it in a smart way, her car was still there – with the door open! Spencer is smarter than that! And now Toby is pulled into yet another lie!

“I missed my dolls” – That was the creepy icing on a majorly creepy scene of that abandoned section of the “insane asylum” which was full of old dolls (why does this show love old dolls so much?!)

The code, the website… the mystery deepens!

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Pretty Little Liars Stars Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson. Guest starring Janel Parrish.

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