Melissa Hasting’s apartment was so chic, no? Too bad she’s a huge liar!

pretty little liars fashion

Caleb / Hanna / Wren / Mona

This is a messy group. Caleb and Hanna work (pretty) well together… but Mona is a wrench in that. She always has been. And Wren is a wrench, too. Although, I don’t think Wren has any romantic feelings for Hanna at all. (I’m biased, I like him with Spencer!) Somehow, Wren and Mona manage to muck things up for Hanna in a very “aw, man, girl!” kind of way.

Emily Fields and The Stranger

Anyone else think that Maya’s cousin is seven shades of sketchy?! He wants to go to Hollis, now he doesn’t? And, listen, it was pretty bad timing to give Emily stuff from Maya, and then in the next breathe tell her she needs to forget her. Hi, emotions! I completely think he has a sneaky agenda.

Melissa Hastings as the Black Swan (The feather fits!)

So, Melissa was the Black Swan, but not for any reasons we thought she was. It’s kind of disappointing. What wasn’t disappointing was Melissa’s apartment – how chic was that!? I loved it! Good job on the Pretty Little Liars set design!

The End of Caleb and Hanna Marin

We all saw it coming, but it was still sad. I don’t think we’ve seen the end of them, though. Hanna is going to have to open herself up much more, because Caleb will only settle for a healthy, honest relationship. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing how Hanna mourns, and rebounds.

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