Okay, Pretty Little Liars season 2 fans! It’s time to tackle some of the biggest points of the recent episode, “Blind Dates.” As much as I love Pretty Little Liars, season 2 is asking for us to suspend disbelief a lot so far. It’s hard to immerse myself in this fun world when I keep seeing red flags of things that could never work.

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Therapy Emergency

Hanna doesn’t like therapy. But she decides to bolt to her therapists office after having an insight. Even though the therapist says her appointment isn’t for another week, Hanna thinks that “we need to talk” is all it takes for an emergency session. Except this isn’t really an emergency. And therapists don’t bend their schedules like this. No doctors do unless it’s an extreme circumstance.

Hanna Likes Lucas

Does Hanna like Lucas, again? It’s a confusing roller coaster. Hanna says she doesn’t like Lucas, and I’m sure all the fangirls want Hanna/Caleb, but the show is still giving me vibes that the character of Hanna actually does want to be with Lucas. What do you think?

Melissa the Brat

If Spencer wants to stop her sister and Ian from getting away (to uh, prove her innocent, for one) then why would she snoop in her sister’s luggage and then not bother to steal a passport or even confront Melissa about it. If someone tried to kill me, I’d be pretty pissed if my sister was harboring them in secret and planning to run away with them. I was so angry that Spencer wasn’t doing more. How much does Melissa piss you off?

The Wrench with Wren

Speaking of, Spencer relies on Wren to find Ian. But Spencer really could just as easily followed Melissa when she drove to see Ian. It made very little sense to bring Wren into the situation, aside from the fact that he’s very handsome.

Mommy Dearest

Aria’s psyched her Mom is teaching full-time at her school, even though her parents are actively keeping her friends from being together? Nu uh. Most teens would be in full on rebellion, especially when school was the one place they could talk together. With Aria’s Mom policing the halls, there’s no way Aria would be so sweet to her Mom.

Pawn It

No pawn shop dude would just give away anything for free! Spencer couldn’t have walked away with that horseshoe without paying for it. And why are we supposed to believe the man would have seen so many people he couldn’t remember Spencer and her ring.


Why would Ian hide out for so long and ask his wife to meet him only to find his dead body? Was he THAT morbid? How can anyone think this is really a suicide.

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