It was only a matter of time until another Pretty Little Liar ended up in the hospital. But this time, A isn’t really the one responsible. Sure, maybe A sent the letter to Emily’s parents that stressed her out so much it caused an ulcer… but there were no cars running anyone down in the parking lot. At least not yet. This Pretty Little Liars review is going to focus on the character of Emily Fields in the episode “Save the Date.” There will be spoilers, so beware!

What’s most interesting to me is how well A finagled things so that Emily would feel sick and need muscle cream that A could spike and also get recorded in a test. A could not have predicted that Emily would end up in the hospital, but an anonymous tip to a swim coach could have made the drug test happen anyway. A had the perfect way to drug Emily, and that’s scary. But — let’s rewind a little bit, to before we saw that big reveal.

It might be nothing, but the people renting the Field’s house keep having problems with the alarm. Since we’re talking about Rosewood, I’m thinking this is something. But who’s breaking into the house, and what are they after?

I’m glad the show built up Emily’s pain in two episodes, because I’m guessing something like that doesn’t just start hurting and BOOM you’re on the ground. And I truly hope I never have to find out how accurate Shay Mitchell’s convulsing was, because I’m not a fan of pain. Ouch. Much like Hannah, I don’t think I could stop from focusing on the idea of a hole in the stomach. It’s gross.

Just when Emily decides she’s going to come clean to her Dad, he sweeps in like an Angel of mercy and tells her that all this pressure is bad for her and she needs to stop worrying about the scholarship or swimming. Which is nice, but minutes before this Emily had decided to go to Texas (which would have been a smart move). Another problem I have with this quick fix is that Emily will still want to swim. But not only will the ulcer be a problem, she still has the drug test to worry about.

And as for that drug test, I don’t believe that any doctor would say “okay, we can wait” about giving a test like that, because from all of the knowledge I’ve amassed from TV and movies, drugs move out of your system. If I didn’t know the character of Emily, I’d be very skeptical.

After Spencer and Aria dressed like candy stripers (I almost typed “candy strippers” but that’s something else entirely) and stole Alison’s Pathology report (no locks on the files? what!) Spencer decided to bring the file to show Emily. There was absolutely no reason for this. I felt broken-hearted for poor Emily, sitting in a hospital bed, seeing the gruesome (SO gruesome) details of her friend’s murder. It’d be one thing for Spencer to share the information with Emily and Hannah, but to let Emily see that actual X-ray felt cruel.

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There was nothing for Emily romance wise in this episode, and that’s also sad. (She needs visitors and flowers and balloons!) But there is never time for everything, and I get that.  Overall, I thought Emily had the most intriguing plotline for the episode “Save the Date.” Even though Emily isn’t a perfectionist in the way Spencer is, we really got an up-close look at the stress in Em’s life.  I mean,  her parents aren’t in the state (but randomly will pop up), there’s drama with the family she’s staying with, her roommie (Hannah) makes it hard to study, she’d been living a lie with the scholarship,  she’s always training and swimming and won’t even let herself have a full glass of orange juice! Emily deserves good things in her future. Let’s hope she gets them.

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