“Surface Tension” brought many things up to the light, and yes I am indeed trying to use a play on words. What can I say… Pretty Little Liars encourages me to embrace the cheesy side of things. Fair disclosure, it also encourages me to be paranoid about random noises in fear that some stalker named “A” is watching me. (I know you’re out there!)

Pretty Little Liars Review Questions for “Surface Tension”

Given how determined Spencer is to find out the real killer of Ali, can you believe she didn’t pull the hockey stick out of the fire? Since the camera cut away very fast, do you think there’s a chance she did save some of the burned wood? …That’s pretty creepy.

Is the only reason Mr. Hastings didn’t want a fence built so that no one would find the hockey stick? If so, it seems unlikely that he’d let Toby work back there, right?

Is Jenna dating a cop? If so, do we care?

Talk about the most well-timed text messages of all time, does it get any more eyeroll-worthy than when Spencer gets a text at the exact moment she needed it? Aria is no guardian angel.

What’s going on with Emily’s shoulder? Is this a foretelling that she’s going to get injured and be unable to swim the rest of the season? (Therefore, by bye fake scholarship?)

An Absurd Merger: Pretty Little Liars and The Bachelorette Come Together

How cool was Hannah’s vanity and mirror? It makes me want to go to a flea market and get a can of lilac spray paint!

Aria’s and Hannah’s Moms met, and that was interesting. More interesting is the way Hannah’s Mom acted like she had no say in whether her daughter did or didn’t go to therapy. Apparently it’s all up to Mr. Hastings. She also said something about how the Hastings buy their way out of everything, what do you think makes her say that with such authority?

If Mike is breaking into houses to steal things he can sell, then why is he stealing pointless, dumb things worth nothing?

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