From out of the blue, Pretty Little Liars season 2 gave us the penultimate Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) line in the episode “Picture This.” What did you think of the episode? Let’s discuss some questions you may have had.

Jenna’s Eyes

Will Jenna be able to regain any of her vision? Is it slightly creepy that the girls can’t be happy about this? Not that you can entirely blame them, Jenna is worrisome (and clearly guilty of hiding something – but what?!)

Spencer’s Sass

Have you honestly ever loved a line of dialogue (or delivery) more than when Spencer Hastings aka Troian Bellisario said, “Well for one, she’ll be able to aim a gun.” This is so Spencer because it’s logical and sarcastic at the same time.

Mike is Inscrutable (And that word is hard to use!)

Poor Mike, what is up with him? (Technically he’s huddled down in his bed, practically turning into a mute.)  And what do you suppose happened to Scott Montgomery that has Bryon and Ella worried?

Bridesmaids Revisited

Hanna (Ashley Benson) couldn’t bear to face her father, but she called him and agreed to be a bridesmaid. Do you think Hanna is strong enough to do this? Is it a wise decision to support her Father, no matter what emotional toll it takes on her? Be brave, Han!

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Stalker Senses

So, Jason is apparently…a little too invested in Aria? Is there any possible explanation that could make us look silly for suspecting him of being a total creeper that’s been spying on Aria in her most vulnerable moments? (I don’t know about you, but I feel vulnerable while I sleep since I’m certain I am drooling on my pillows and flailing my arms while I dream I’m on So You Think You Can Dance.) I’ve never liked Jason’s hair, but I never thought he was a full on jerk…what do you think?

Favorite Line(s)

Emily (Shay Mitchell) was adorable in this episode. Aside from Spencer’s sassy moment, my other favorite line was when the dear Emily (who is apparently a fan of zombie films, fun!) said, “My goosebumps are getting goosebumps.”What was your favorite line from “Picture This”?

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