Between gruesome details on Alison’s murder and Hannah’s attempt at being in a film noir, there’s a lot to talk about form the Pretty Little Liars episode “Save the Date.” Below, we’ve isolated five of the major talking points from the episode. Let’s dish!

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Review Talking Points for “Save the Date”

1. Hannah may be well-intentioned, but she also strikes me as far too brash and impulsive. Once she saw that someone had files on Caleb, she should have told him that right away. I don’t think Caleb’s first instinct would have necessarily been to run away, maybe just to stop doing illegal dealings in front of the schoolyard? Small steps, you know? Then, Hannah dressed like a femme fatale in a Film Noir (fooling no one in Rosewood) as she kidnapped Caleb and took him to the Hasting’s barn. Because her house would have made too much sense? If anything, I expected one of Spencer’s parents to see the glow of the fire and call the cops on them. If Hanna was smart, she would have not risked that. And then, for the double (triple?) whammy, she approached someone she thought was a cop and gave him misleading information that could forever altar the course of Caleb’s life! (Because you just know it was his birth parents looking for him!)

2. For all of her nonsense behavior, there was a point where I felt bad for Hannah. Her parents really screwed with her emotions. Letting her engaged Dad stay the night was bad parenting. Although, there seems to be some plot confusion about whether Hannah wants her parents together or not. A few episodes ago she did, and she even texted Isabel as her Dad. In the fashion show episode she seemed angry at her parents for sneaking around. And then when her Dad left, she was sad again. The writer’s need to give her a stance she can stand on with both feet. I understand that teenagers have changing emotions, but this is just sloppy writing.

3. Oh, Ezra. I’ve never been a fan of Aria/Ezra. It’s creepy. For as good looking as Ezra is, when he was Aria’s teacher it was just so wrong. Now that I can finally get on board with this relationship (as Ezra is no longer teaching at the high school) Aria seems ready to get out of her in favor of Jason. And, sensing that Aria is distant, Ezra keeps pushing his girlfriend. I hate to admit that there are games we play, but Ezra needs to let Aria chase him a little bit rather than smother her away. Be. Less. Pathetic.

4. We learned that Ali’s killer buried her alive. Now, that’s some serious, serious shit. There’s the idea of murder… and then there are the details that, even for a fictional character, make it into something with a renewed sense of the grisly and horrible.

5. “Page five is missing!” Okay. So in the stolen pathology report, Spencer notices (a little late) that one of the pages is missing. Even though that’s a big no-no, Spencer stealing the file is also a big no-no. Whatever was in that file was obviously read by more than a few people, so it’s not as though the information is lost. Learning these details cannot be healthy for our little liars, anyway! Where’s that damn therapist when we need her?

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