In revealing the identity of A, Pretty Little Liars opened up a lot of questions.

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We Don’t Get to Talk About “A” Anymore.

First off, I’m fully aware that Pretty Little Liars didn’t really fully and truly tell us who A is. And I am insulted that the show is letting our characters be so dumb. Spencer heard Mona talk about the “A Team” (which, ha, Mr. T* – it’s kinda too old for me to get, so I bet you guys don’t either.) But now the A team thinks the liars are totally fine and not suspicious anymore. That was even their plan, according to Mona.

So now it’s not “A”it’s the A Team. Because, hello, it’s clearly a bunch of people who hate others and they get revenge! (They should talk to Emily Thorne from ABC’s Revenge, man.)

Real Question: Who is on the A Team? (Giggle snort.)

Well, maybe Lucas. Melissa, Garrett, Jenna, Mona… the joke will be that everyone we’ve ever suspected is A! I could never see Caleb or Toby as A, but I could see Ezra.

Mona had an Undiagnosed Major Personality Disorder or some Psychotic Break, Basically?

Oh, it’s a main part of the plot but let’s just shrug and say it totally makes sense. Sure. It’s convenient and it sounds big, so it works? Ugh. Maybe it was all a dream, too?

The Pretty Little Liars Fashion at the Ball

I’m not entirely sure what the theme of the masked ball was, but I loved (more or less) what everyone wore. Aria looked like she was auditioning for Alice in Wonderland. (And Ezra is an idiot for taking his mask off at the school where he worked, Lord.) Emily was trying to be a human peacock. Spencer was … an edgy, art deco kind of princess. (She also gets my vote for best dressed.) And Hanna was Juliet. I actually think Hanna’s costume, hair, or mask could have been tweaked to look better… but I loved the floral wreath.

Romance: Smart and Dumb

Aria and Ezra will never make sense to me. He’s cute, but she’s too young for him. I adore Hanna/Caleb and I also adore Spencer/Toby. I really want Emily to have a good love life, but I didn’t care for Maya and I don’t like this other girl (swim girl…Paige, yea) I miss Claire Holt as Samara. (Paige was afraid to come out as a lesbian and now is so far out she’s dressing all butch to the school dance? I don’t get that, either. And I guess it wouldn’t seem so “butch” to wear pants if everyone, including Emily, wasn’t in large princessy ballgowns. I felt like the show was trying to make a statement about Paige being the ‘guy’ and I didn’t respond well to that. Why can’t Paige wear a dress in her style, too? But maybe I’m wrong, maybe Paige is so comfortable now that she wants to be herself and she’d never wear any kind of dress. It just felt odd. Sigh. Can I just talk about how great Shay Mitchell’s hair was?)

Dr. Sullivan is an Idjeeet

So, a grown woman lets anonymous text messages keep her away? And then she conveniently re-appears as soon as Mona is presumed dead? Because… she knew Mona was A?It makes no sense, so don’t try thinking about it too much.


Is Maya dead? Of course Maya is dead! And Emily will probably be framed for it. Or the A Team, although how did Maya ever piss them off?

P.S. Is Mona A? Mona is A …in a sense. She is part of a team who is A.

*I was talking about this on Twitter with someone, but shouldn’t Mr. T sell his own line of jewelry? Those Jersey Shore guys like Pauly D always wear chains like that, so clearly the trend is not gone.