Pretty Little Liars / Photo: ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars “Please, Do Talk About Me When I’m Gone” aired this week and gave us tons to talk about.

Jenna IS a Jerk

Jenna is proving to be creepier and more manipulative than we thought. She told Spencer that Alison was done with her (of course, Alison told Jenna Spencer is the one who threw the stink bomb…) and threatens the girls about spilling the beans at Alison’s memorial.

Alison’s  Control Freak Brother

Alison’s big brother, Jason, came back more “polished” and that surprises people. He all but tells Spencer that he thinks she killed Alison.

Poor Spencer!

Despite everyone blaming Spencer for things (and her friends never bothered to set the story right to Alison’s brother) she did get a perk in the way of her sister’s ex-fiancee. The new boyfriend was no where to be seen in this episode.

Tom Sawyer

Spencer was also the recipient of a text message from “A” in this episode, which said, “Do it right, I’ll be watching, just like Tom Sawyer. –A.” Creepy. Because the memorial was held indoors, does that mean we saw “A” in that multi-purpose room? Quick, to the DVR!

Double-date Disaster

Hanna had convinced Aria to go on a double-date with Sean and Noel (a former crush of Aria’s) but due to Aria’s pining away for Ezra Fitz she was unable to seem psyched. Noel seems like a nice guy, although Sean is clearly a jerk and we’re just waiting for the moment Hanna breaks up with him for yearbook guy (Lucas).

Lucas and eBay to the Rescue

Hanna and her mother needed some money, so Hanna had Lucas help her (basically doing it all, let’s be honest) sell some of her designer bags. The shot of the money that Hanna made from selling her bags showed three 20 dollar bills, with other bills hidden. But considering the labels of these bags, the pile probably should have been larger. Why were they afraid to show that Hanna had made more money?

Emily and Maya

Emily’s relationship with Maya was progressing nicely, but with news that Emily’s Dad is coming home – we sense danger for it. Which is too bad. Although, it’s hard to suspend disability that Bianca Lawson as Maya is really a teenager. She played a high school student over ten years ago on Dawson’s Creek! So if you think Maya seems wise and worldly – that’s why.