Are you a fan of tricks? Pretty Little Liars returned for a Halloween themed prequel episode on ABC Family in “The First Secret.”

Where to start? Ah, just like the episode: from the beginning. Alison is alive and A begins his/her vicious games. From the very start, this prequel lived up to its hype. That scary story Alison was telling to the little boy (Marlene King, your son is absolutely adorable) – where did she hear that from? Oh, the thoughts brewing in my head while watching that scene.

Pretty Little Liars Review “The First Secret”

The young liars acting like Noel Kahn is some kind of rockstar was priceless. They got invited to the party of the year – OF THE YEAR! These girls have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. We’re all familiar with the popular liars who eventually get into a world of trouble, but in The First Secret, we see a whole new side of these Pretty Little Liars.

Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario). You bring a whole new meaning to the word nerd. I think you should definitely bring those glasses back and wear them during the regular season episodes. And your costume – I expected nothing less.

Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell). I applaud you for being the bravest liar in this episode. It didn’t seem like anyone else was going to volunteer to go into the creepy house first. You were also the smartest person in this episode. None of the other girls even bothered to pick up a weapon on the way back into the house to save Alison. Way to go, Em!

Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson). I absolutely love the heftier side of you. Rule #1 of scary movies/creepy episode of Pretty Little Liars – don’t answer the phone! I know it was only Alison, but next time, it could be a scary stalker asking about your favorite scary movie. Bravo on the costume choice. Britney Spears is perfect for Hefty Hanna! And hefty or not, we all love you.

Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale). Please, please, puh-lease put the pink streaks back in your hair! I know you girls have matured, but those pink streaks should never go out of style. Your scenes with Alison may have been my favorite…or the scene where you literally run into Ezra Fitz and have no idea who he is. Just wait until you meet each other. It just might work out!

I’ve saved the best for last. Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse). You never fail to impress me. You’re always in flashbacks and dream sequences speaking your mind, but I am so glad that you finally got an episode of your own. I got chills pretty much any time Alison spoke. Also, is it me or does Alison speak louder when she doesn’t say a word?

There are several new possible suspects. Could sweet Lucas be A? Or what about dorky Mona? Apparently Alison “will get what’s coming to her” and “will know who [Mona] is” later on down the road. This prequel put a lot of questions into perspective, but it also posed a lot of different, new questions.

Things I learned from The First Secret:

1.) Popcorn is a must-have junk food.

2.) Anything can happen on Halloween…especially in Rosewood.

3.) Never have more than one Lady Gaga at a costume party.

4.) Don’t mess with the nerds!

The amazing cast and crew of Pretty Little Liars blew me away once again. This spooktastic Halloween prequel was a great start to the 13 Nights of Halloween on ABCFamily. Season 2B kicks off in January and you do not want to miss it!

Written by Jaymie Bailey. Find her on Twitter @AllThingsPLL