It seems a bit like every episode of Pretty Little Liars could be described in the same way. If you work too hard to follow the details, you’ll seriously go mad. (And then you’ll end up in Radley.)

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Hanna oversee’s Caleb in “The Bin of Sin” on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars season 5. Photo courtesy of ABC Family.

So, there was a barrel. An INCRIMINATING barrel. And it possibly held Mona’s body. (Sidenote: “barrell” doesn’t come up with spellcheck, but I believe I’m using the right version. But it’s these kinds of hiccups that make me nervous, aaaah.) Anyway, dead bodies in a barrel is never good, and reminds me of the season that Julia Stiles was on Dexter. (Which was one of the better seasons, if you ask me. And she had a name like… Azure, or Opal, or…Lumen! I Googled.)

Plot point: Hanna wanted to steal the barrel. Caleb was recruited to help, because you should always be able to count on your boyfriend in matters of dead bodies. Unfortunately for the duo, the Officer Toby and (fairly incompetent) Lieutenant Tanner showed up to catch them. Because of this upset, Hanna decided that she was bad news for Caleb. He, in turn, was all IT’LL BE OKAY.

What was happening with the other girls? Well, Ezra didn’t think it would be okay. Aria showed him what she wrote, and while he was initially all casual about it…he reconsidered his stance about 20 minutes later.

Spencer and Aria had frozen yogurt mishaps because of A. Emily saved them.

Emily also is having that obvious romance thing bloom with the chick at the place that Ezra is …owning now, in a twist of, who-knows-why-but-why-not. Romance is in the air, and they’re cooking stuff.

As anyone could guess, Spencer and Toby are still having troubles.

Jason is still pursuing Ashley. Is anyone interesting in this plotline? Yea, didn’t think so.

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