After you’ve watched Pretty Little Liars “My Name is Trouble” then you’re certain to have a few questions about this mysterious show. So do I. So, let’s review what we learned last night, and the questions those make us ask.

pretty little liars

Blind, not Deaf

Okay, this first question is so obvious that you’d have to shun me if I didn’t bring this up. Considering Jenna is blind, and by default her other senses naturally heightened… why did Aria think Jenna wouldn’t recognize her voice? And I’m going deeper into this. Aria tells the professor a different name, which will make it difficult for the professor to ever give a grade to the real Aria. She is just signing up for worlds of trouble, and looks so guilty when she goes out of her way to let Jenna intimidate her. No wonder Jenna is sure of her guilt. It’s like having your hand perpetually hovering over a cookie jar and swearing you aren’t the one who is eating them all.

Engaged in a Lie

Why did A buy back Melissa’s engagement ring? Is it because A is Ian, or because A wants to use it to freak out Spencer? I’m trying to see how this will work out, but Spencer can technically say she never saw Melissa’s ring, and thus not be blamed for it being gone. (If Spencer has the means to buy back the ring, then why didn’t she just use THAT money for the car?) I suppose I should feel bad for poor, pregnant Melissa, except she’s a brat and she’s almost certainly helping to harbor fugitive and letting everyone think that Spencer is crazy. Spencer has legit reasons to hate on Melissa. I still hold a grudge against my sister when she stole my favorite necklace in the 7th grade.

Pawn Stars

Speaking of, why didn’t Spencer show up on Monday to buy the ring again if she was certain she’d be able to? Did the Pawn Shop guy simply sell it early? That untrustworthy scoundrel!

Parental Supervision

Are Spencer’s parents ever at home? Talk about neglectful!

Ah, our Prime Suspect!

Could Jason look more suspicious even if he was actively trying to look shady? The smoking gun is in his pocket and he’s saying the wrong thing at every moment.

Daddy’s Girl

Is it sad that Hanna deleted the text from her Dad’s fiancee or do you agree with her for doing it? And is it also sad that in missing just one text message an entire engagement could possibly be called off? Technology is scary!

Overall, how did you feel about this episode? Did you dig the feathers in Aria’s hair or is that played out?

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