Before we talk about who Spencer (Troian Bellisario) was channeling from Gilligan’s Island, or even Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) telltale signs of spiraling into disaster, we all need to pray that they don’t show us that creepy doll in any more Pretty Little Liars “previously…” spots! They’re just so creepy!

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Pretty Little Liars “It Happened that Night” Review

Reunited and it feels so good!
Okay PLL fans, I’m not talking about just Spencer and Toby (although, yay!) – I’m always excited (and misty eyed) when Emily and Toby show how strong their personal bonds of friendship are. As I see it, Emily has great friends, but sometimes she needs someone Outside of her group. Like Toby, Emily has often felt a lot like an outsider. (Haven’t they all? Sure, in different ways. But they all have someone outside the group, whether it be Ezra, Caleb, whoever… Mona’s out now that she’s crazy, of course.) I really admire the way the show hasn’t dropped the Toby/Emily friendship line just so Spencer can monopolize him. If anything, I think it creates a lot of interest when there are two friends who share someone who is in that awkward position of being one’s boyfriend and the other’s confidant. It’s good that Spencer and Emily haven’t fought over Toby yet, but I suspect that day will come.

Secrets, secrets, everywhere…
Speaking of secrets (uh, we ARE talking about PLL here) I secretly LOVE that all of our little liars are already keeping secrets from each other again. Obviously, this is not the smartest path. And Hanna already gave hers up! But that just means more secrets will crop up. In this episode we learned that Hanna has secretly been visiting Mona (which is so sweet, I can’t stand it – do you see how Hanna would cover this up by lashing out and say things about how Mona was drooling away in a straight jacket? Hanna actually cares a great deal, and probably feels more betrayed than angry…which is an odd reaction when someone tries to kill you, yes), Emily has become a bit of a badass(ish, not that I want to condone all of her behavior), Spencer visited Garrett, and all of the girls were hiding a secret from Emily (about the room being cleared of all photographic evidence.) But what would this show be without tons and tons of secrets sliiithering around, right?

Emily the victim (sigh)
Why does the show pick on Emily so much? It reminds me of how, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Joss Whedon would always want Willow (Alyson Hannigan) to be the victim and crying because she looked so innocent and had huge eyes. That’s … typecasting! Well, I mean, it worked well. But I’m getting tired of Emily always getting the worst of everything. (I am probably biased, I know all the girls have issues…) I’m so glad she went to Haiti to try and clear her mind, but I understand that she has guilt that she didn’t magically overcome her Maya issues while there. She’s come back this summer a little more cynical and jaded. I think that’s really interesting. We’re watching her evolve. She’s growing up, experimenting with breaking rules, changing her fashion sense (a little less sporty and a little more boho – nothing wrong with that).. its’ a total revolution. But, not without, I suspect, a few bumps along the way. Buckle up, guys. She’s going to go to a darker , more destructive, place before she becomes happy again. (That doesn’t count as a PLL season 3 spoiler, this is just how life and TV show plots work.)

Pretty Little Liars Fashion
Most notable is Hanna’s embrace of all things fringed. Ugh! Spencer was a little boring, dressing like Mary Anne from Gilligan’s island, Emily wore the cutest jogging outfit (which I’d wear if I ever went jogging again in my life), and Aria wore (…deep breaths, everybody…) jean overalls. I’ve begun to mock some of the looks I like the least in a “Fug the Show: Pretty Little Liars” type of style that you’ve seen on Go Fug Yourself. (check it out here: Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Fashion Mockery – Is Hanna Marin auditioning for a Ke$ha video?) While I love a lot of the clothes, jewelry and fashion on the show… there are also a lot of misses that need to be mocked! For the good of… America!

The cover-up
It didn’t take a genius to realize that the girls would be found out. But what I enjoyed was seeing how well they worked to create their cover up. They’re practically pro’s now. I could see Spencer going on to work for Witness Protection or something! So, they wiped prints off the shovel, burned clothes, took a late night drive to create a new alibi… it was intense. And, with it, the show has created a whole new big secret for the girls to keep, now that the “A” secret is temporarily (or, WAS, temporarily) gone.

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Those are my thoughts on the Pretty Little Liars season 3 premiere episode. I’d love to hear yours. Don’t make me feel alone!

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Written by Jessica Rae

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